Sunday, 16 December 2007

Gothika 2007 at Underworld Club - Pt.I

Well, most of you who will be reading this, were probably there and I know for a fact that you were excited! For those of you who are not reading locally, the japanese band Gothika played live in Athens, Greece, at Underworld Club, an event organised by This is the second high-profile event that the forum has organized (the first being the Cosplay Party at BIOS), once again rallying enthusiasts of Japanese popular culture in Greece.

As with all tightly-scheduled events, this was not devoid of its loose nuts and bolts but in the end, people who love this music showed up, we had a few (or, in the case of some, many) drinks and witnessed a great performance. J-rockers, popgirls and metalheads of all sorts showed up, with a few cosplays for extra seasoning, making the night memorable. Now, about the "this music" part, I am absolutely useless in defining most genres, let alone telling them apart when they appear pele-mele in rapid succession. The most prominent description I have been given is "sexed up electronica", to which I believe most of the girls present will agree (and you do NOT argue with them on that issue). However, if you absolutely yearn for more information on Gothika's music, I suggest you visit their MySpace, as well as here.

Becoming stiff from maintaining the same position for many hours during the event (that is, pointing the camera in various directions and keeping it steady, for those of you with unnaturally naughty minds) has made one thing clear: nothing I write will have the impact of the audiovisual material, so my babbling stops here. Many thanks to Yoshiki, Andro and Dee Lee for entertaining us and special kudos to Dee Lee for being a creative showman at the most unexpecred moments (scream for us dude!). Additionally, many thanks to Myrto (who nearly had 2 strokes and a heart attack, being anxious for the event to go smoothly), as well as all of you who were there and will be appearing in this here blog in the days to come.

Seeing as I have tons of pictures to process and it is taking some time, I will kick-start the show with videos and good things will come to those who stick with me.

Well, that's it for the time being. More tomorrow and in the days to follow, both in the way of photos and videos.




@)>---`---- said...

FYI I listened to Dee Lee's solo album and 't was great. Too bad they did not perform some of that too.

PS: You may want to correct that "kufos" to "kudos" (and edit my comment later on ;) )


Speedgrapher said...

Oopsie! Corrected!