Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Anime Music VI - Hearts on Fire

Sadly, as I am coming down with some virus myself, it has been impossible to concentrate long enough, in order to write the update. ergoproxy is not getting any better either, so jot that update as "Missed". The best laid plans of mice and men can be oveturned by the flu. However, crawling around the net, I discovered this AMV, featuring Hammerfall's "Hearts on Fire", inspired by the Knights Templar; on the other hand, the footage is from Hellsing Ultimate OVA and it features scenes that were transferred from the manga both in early episodes and... quite a few that have not been released yet (!!!), especially the impaling scene towards the end. Seeing as Hellsing Organizations's full name includes the title "Knights Protestant", I believe it is a match made in... well... you get the idea. Enjoy it and hopefully we will be back on Friday, healthy enough to resume writing.

God save the Queen



_@)>------`-------_ said...

So I guess this now makes you a sick bastard?

If you plan to post more often AMVs, how about telling all the folk out there about

I could send you a post if you like :)



Ergo Proxy said...

You realize I WILL kill you ;p