Friday, 14 December 2007

Inebriation & Intoxication: A Parody

It is, of course, widely known that under the influence of alcohol or drugs, one may get unreasonably violent with minimal provocation. However, that also holds true if you are clean as a whistle but your social networking tends to revolve around hooligans, soccer players or just punks with nothing better to do. This here video (and kudos to edgepunk1 for broadcasting it - it's really made my day) interbreeds the two types of senseless violence in a thoroughly funny way (and might I add, with a simple little song that tends to stick), for 2 minutes and 48 seconds of pure entertainment. However, it maintains a fundamental truth: too much violence is rooted in stupidity. Enjoy!



rosenred drinking beer... said...

I don't get it... Is this supposed to make me stop drinking, or make me drink even more?

Bad monkey! Haven't I told you not to play with Premiere? Now I have to upload this! FFS!

Bert & Ernie rule!


Speedgrapher said...

Heh, everyone interprets the words of the prophet differently (psssst, keep drinking).