Sunday, 30 December 2007

Help! Solve the mystery!

Dear Speedgrapher,

The other day I ran into a girl I used to sit next to in the school bus, many years ago. It was a really surprising reunion after almost 10 years. We exchanged phone numbers and decided to meet up for coffee sometime. On Christmas Eve I called her up and we arranged to meet on the 27th at 12:30...

Friday 27th December

I arrived at the meeting place a little early and decided to call her, just to let her know that I had arrived. The phone rang twice and she hung up?! So I casually wrote a message, informing her that "Hey, since it's cold out here I will be waiting for you indoors". I went in and waited... Correction: waited and waited and waited, had a coffee and waited some more and she never showed up! Given that time was a great luxury for me, about an hour later I went back home. I sent an sms "bitching" about it all, politely of course, but no reply. Actually, the day went by and still no word from her. I started wondering what the hell happened... I don't know if I should be worried or not. After this whole event, she has been completely unreachable. So I pose the question to everyone: What possible course of events lead to this situation?

Please help me solve the mystery!

Ergo Proxy

PS. She has grown up to be very cute. ;)

Speedgrapher, writing from Italy, in a shabby internet cafe in Rome:

Dear Ergo Proxy, I am sorry I could not deal with this earlier my friend, but just finding proper internet access has been a challenge in this city (and you thought Tripoli was bad that way...). Anyhow, there are of course several possible senarios like her losing her phone or oversleeping and then feeling bad about it (so much that she dissappeared off the face of the Earth, hmm...) and even gossiping away with a friend until it was too late. HOWEVER, being the more realist and cynical of the two of us, I will go for Occam's Razor, according to which, the simplest explanation is most probably the correct one: she was flattered that someone around 6 years older, whom she had not seen for 10 years, would want to go out with her and may our female readers excuse me, but all women love attention (which is not bad in and of itself). However, for all that, she already has a boyfriend who simply decided to drop by her house for a quickie, as testified by the phone ringing twice and then being shut down (ergo, one ring to get the phone and two to see who it is - Lord of the Rings pun intended). Sadly, that was at the same time you were supposed to meet. Sorry mate, but nothing's better for the Winter cold than sex and she probably agrees. Again, this is my horrible, cynical take, based on circumstantial evidence. However, it makes SOME sense.

Gotta go now, but I will get back to you and our readers the day after tomorrow. Cheers and good health above all; you can always find another chick.


Ergo Proxy, writing from an equally shabby internet cafe in Tripoli (military service sucks!):

Breaking news!!! The mystery has been indeed solved. Unfortunetly my dear, perverted friend, your fancy Occam's Razor has led you to a fallacy. The other day I managed to contact her (TA TA TAAAAA) and she has actually lost her phone along with all her contacts. As far as not showing up is concerned, she said she did not think that I would show up because we had arranged the meeting way in advance and did not talk at all after that.

You being a reductionist and all... I am surpprised you would come up with such a complex theory. Besides, that's what you get for trusting a 14th century English logician! HA!

To give a happy end to this story, we have rearranged our outing for this weekend. Note: this is IF the GDA (God Damn Army) gives me the weekend off! And by the way:

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The best of wishes to all of you!

Ergo Proxy

Speedgrapher, writing from home, finally: yes, yes boys and gals, I AM back to bother you and spend your precious time again. The trip to Italy had its ups and downs but now more to the point (an update on the trip in a few days). Oh, alas, my perfect, mean theory has been proven (?) wrong. However, there are some points I want to illustrate: first, my explanation is not the most complex because it involves only one stage (her being with another guy), while yours (which seems to be the case), involves losing the phone AND deciding not to show up. Secondly, the reason she gave for not showing up is bollocks: you had arranged the time AND place (and how exactly are 2 days "way in advance"?) and there are all sorts of conclusions to be drawn from this but let us avoid further complexity. Thirdly, you SO googled Mr. Occam! As to the happy end, I will again let my cynicism prevail and call it a "potentially happy possibility". However, I HAVE been known to be wrong, hehe. Now I am still cold and coughing my lungs out so ta-ta, see you later defibulator.


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RosenRed said...

How about she had her mobile stolen, and thus no way to communicate with you?

Or how about it all was a set-up? Now that could prove a nice conspiracy theory...