Friday, 7 December 2007


...ergoproxy is working off of his system the deplorable conditions of the basic training in M.A.S. Ergo (pun intended), he is getting loads of sleep, eating stuff other than what he calls "dung extract with rice" BUT his PC decided to deprive him of internet access, so he cannot say these things himself. In fact, aside from all the maddening things he had to recount from his time in the Tripoli boot camp, there were quite a few fun and interesting stories, but those are for him to recount, when he gets back online or from my computer.

With basic training over, he has been sworn into the army for the rest of his service (approximately 1 year) and he has a respite until coming Friday, when he must go back and wait for his transfer paperwork. Meanwhile, we went to a Beer & Ale House (Zythos, on Kifisias Avenue, for those reading locally) and ate and drank our hearts out. Tonight we will (finally) go watch Beowulf and MAYBE visit Underworld Club for a event, called " VS Bottlenecks".

The regular update with the Literary Section will be up later in the day and over the Weekend check back for a few surprises and Special Updates. You (probably) won't be disappointed.



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