Thursday, 19 March 2009

A Night With the Elder Gods

Hello again; once more it's been a while but many things are moving forward or changing direction, so current;y I am a little overwhelmed with stuff, while Ergo Proxy has sunk into a bog recently and I cannot get him to blog anything (which is kind of weird, since this was his blog originally and the darn bastard DOES have way interesting ideas...).

At any rate, currently KrizD and I are trying to organize a J-Party for Saturday (read more here and here) and at the same time I have rehearsals with SciCo for our new science theater show, "The Science of Love", a s#!tload of photos to edit and I am also looking into some other projects, in various fields. Meanwhile, COMICDOM CON is coming up (photographic duties, as usual), three days after the science theater premiere and that is only about half of it, if you add all the other little stuff buzzing around me.

However, on the 27th of March I will crawl out of my cave to attend an event dedicated to H.P.Lovecraft, on the occasion of Michel Houellebecq's book, "H.P.Lovecraft: Against the World, Against Life", being translated into Greek. The event promises to be very interesting, as it will feature writer and reciter extraordinaire, Makis Panorios, who will talk about Lovecraft's work and read one of his short stories, Theodore Gregoriades who will talk about Houellebecq's work and Dimitris Vanellis (an old acquaintance from my years in "9" Magazine). The end of the evening will feature a selection of Lovecraft film adaptations, chosen by director and film academic, Dimitris Panayotatos.

The english edition of the book.

Sad to say that this concerns only Greek readers, as the event will be held over here, at the ΕΣΗΕΑ building (Akadimias 20, Athens) and starts at 20:00. However, I will endeavor to report it for those of you reading the blog from abroad.

I encourage all local readers to join me in going to this event, that promises to be a true night of horror and wonder with the Elder Gods.



Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Our Hearts Know No Restrain... [#1] it in joy, anger of pain. Hello dear readers! It has been a long while, I guess but the trappings of real life have slowed me down to nearly a standstill as of the past one-and-a-half month, condition which thankfully changed only this past Saturday, when an amazingly large company of people gathered for Bunnydragon's birthday. When I came home, looking back at the pictures, I was reminded of some other, entertaining instances I had not blogged, so I started sifting through them.

This here is the first in a series of posts to follow, documenting crazy nights out with friends. Some faces are probably familiar to any of you who read Otaku Lens but, truth to tell, I had been thinking for a long time that the posts there seem to infer Japanese-themed is ALL we do, which is inaccurate. Hence, I decided that some of the other fun stuff we do, should go here. You will often see links back and forth between the two blogs, as it is very likely that there may be cross-references (such as today),

In later posts, you will bear horifying testimony to karaoke nights, Carnival antics and much more! However, THOSE sets of hilariousness are not ready to be posted yet. In the meanwhile, for a first taste, here's our "after-party" to the Final Fantasy Cosplay, on the 20th of December 2008. The following took place at the MAD club, somewhere near Kerameikos Metro station. Enjoy!

Louiza & Milk: craziest bunch of girl
friends anyone can hope for.

Ed Elric sporting a Road Camelot (D.Gray-Man) T-shirt,
Tsiroto and beer-guzzling Milk.

Ploutonas's look of exasperation. Dude, it's not my
fault: I had tucked the camera away until Kyoshiro
prodded me to take it back out!

Cheerio, ladies and gents! (Well, only the ladies show

Louiza's outfit DID um... attract
some looks. *ahem*

Flexxxy: "Dude! Whoa!"

No real party is without didi-
dollie-doll around... looking eerily like Goldie
Hawn in her early days.

Louiza dancing and me shooting. The second
picture of Louiza dancing, on that night, made it
over here.

I think this one speaks for itself... well... does this but, um...
(Milk: Mistress of Making Faces).

A Shiverspine Moment: Ploutonas, Tsiroto and Kain...

...a really... tender moment.
(Kidding, kidding!)

It's too bad I could not get a better angle
of this one: Louiza is actually hanging
from the club's door, feet off the ground!

Sokail: beer-drinker, Northron,
barbarian and... 80's headbanger!

Well, that's all from that night, since we WERE more than alittle tipsy and I could not really shoot very straight. However, the upcoming posts will be much more fulfilling and funny, I promise you.

Until then, keep your noses clean,