Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Anime Music V - Basilisk

I know dammit! I know, we missed the regular update again but seriously, ergoproxy was given roughly 9 days before returning to Tripoli boot camp and the dude came down with the flu! I swear, that guy...! Well, anyway, we decided to go see Elizabeth: The Golden Age, the only thing we could do without his risking worse symptoms and we could only go to the late show; add to that that his internet is still busted and bad programming...

Anyhow, you will get your update today (not to say that I did not leave you something to play with on Sunday...). Still, I feel bad, so here's another Anime Music Section, this time featuring Kouga Ninpo Chou ("Kouga Ninja Scrolls") in Basilisk, a manga and anime after Futaro Yamada's book, on which Ninja Scroll: The Movie was also based. The song is by Onmyouza. First vid is the group's video clip, second is the original Japanese anime opening, no subs or funny letters or american DVD processing.



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