Sunday, 9 December 2007

Pleasant Subjugation III - VS Bottlenecks

OK, Part III of our Special Updates today. So ergoproxy and I, DID in fact visit the VS Bottlenecks DJing event in Underworld (on Friday) but could not stay long because, well, ergoproxy would have to leave his car to the tender (???) care of a parking lot downtown, until Saturday, not to mention commute all the way back to take it. However, armed (my namesake would be proud) with my camera, I took a few pictures. So, no more blabber from me, just enjoy the pictures and many thanks to Silvy from for giving me clearance to shoot at their event (though subscribed to the forum, I do not take such things for granted yet). Aaaaand, we're rolling!

OK, so my lens got distracted when Fucking Deity and the rest of the fetish dancers (truly sorry but I do not know your stage names...) showed up. Can you blame me?


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