Saturday, 15 December 2007


Ahhh, though there is guilt, terrbible guilt in my guts for making a mess of our publishing schedule, there are a few things in our defense and quite a few surprises in store for you. First, ergoproxy never managed to go through with the update he was planning, full of army stories. However, it is my hope that when he returns from Tripoli, his transfer papers (hopefully to Athens) in hand, he will have completed his report and garnered some audiovisual material for you. Secondly, he managed to catch the flu and pass it along to me; and though I managed to dodge the worst symptoms of this particular strain of virus, it threw me off track for a few days. ergoproxy on the other hand, returns to boot camp not-quite-recuperated yet.

HOWEVER, yesterday I was at's Gothika Live at Underworld Club and have a massive amount of material to show you (currently being processed - oh Photoshop, oh Photoshop...), including pictures and videos. Some of the videos may take a while because the files are HUGE, but they will be posted as soon as they go up on YouTube. Futhermore, stay tuned over the weekend for the last part of The Memoirs of Prometheus, Act I and if I have the time to go get it, a brand new drawing from my friend Lockie, promised to you last week (you cannot rush creative intent and for good reason, believe me).

That may be all for now but good things come to those (of you) who wait.



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