Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Gothika 2007 at Underworld Club - Pt.IV

Aaaand here we are, the last chapter to the rollercoaster that was Gothika, both in the way of entertainment and journalism. I believe this set you will like best because, other than the groupie-hunted lads, it features... you! At least, you who were there and bravely stood in front of the business end of my camera. *click* !FLASH! For Myrto's comments on the event (and some incredible nicety towards this humble photographer), go here. Enjoy!

So, after we concluded with the 2 pictures I count amongst my favorites (I am not sure, something about the colors and postures...), I bid you adieu for now, at least until we meet again in Salonica (hopefully) this Thursday.

All my best,


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