Thursday, 20 December 2007


Hello there people! Hope you are enjoying the blog's photographic rollercoaster because there is going to be MORE. In fact, I will be on the 13:21 (Local Time) train to Salonika today, in order to attend - and photograph - the local Cosplay Party at Coffix (Cofee + Comix, see?). I cannot guarantee there will be an update tomorrow, since I will be returning on the morning train, probably devoid of sleep. However, Ergo Proxy will be coming back to Athens for his Christmas leave from the M.A.S. (today, I believe) so here's hoping he will fill in (he HAS to, damn bastard - I've been keeping the fort alone for so long, pun intended). Additionally, there will be another Literary Section, a little aftermath to Prometheus's story and then you will have to wait a bit, as I put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard, if you prefer). Stay with us, the surprises are just starting!


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