Sunday, 16 December 2007

Gothika 2007 at Underworld Club - Pt.II

OK, I finally finished touching up the pictures from that night and... LET THE POSTING BEGIN! For simplicity's sake, the pictures are posted in the chronological order in which they were taken, from the time Underworld opened its doors to the event, right up until the very end. The pictures are quite numerous, so they will be posted in three batches (you SHOULD have something to look forward to... heheh).

This is the second batch of videos, to complement your experience of the photographs. Enjoy!

More to come...



Anonymous said...

Excellent work.Once again!

@)>---`--- said...

You may be an excellent photographer, you may be an excellent reporter, but you are a pervert!

"Touching the pictures? Are you sick man?


Speedgrapher said...

Ahem, just ignore the gentlemen above. He has...issues :p

More to be posted today.

myrto said...

lol! Yes you are!
On another note...THANK YOU!!!! You totally rule. But you know that already, ne?

:hug: :hug: kissu! ^_^

Speedgrapher said...

Domo arigatou, Myrtoula-chan *blushes*.