Monday, 17 December 2007

Letter from the Ditches (or the gutter, if you prefer)...

Hello everyone! Ergo Proxy here. The past month has been a rollercoaster of events which have prevented me from blogging *sniff-sniff*. As you know, I am currently serving my M.A.S. and, dear readers, trust me when I say it has not been fun!

It was quite shocking to discover there are people who wouldn’t know how to tie their shoelaces or wash their dish, if their lives depended on it. I live in a huge room with 73 people, half of which do not know how to use the toilet; not to mention the occasional incident of the showers being used as excrement repositories.

Things are hopefully going to become slightly more relaxed. Today I am so chuffed! I actually managed to leave the camp for a while. Naturally, I homed in on the closest internet cafe to sooth my internet withdrawal symptoms. To be honest, this post is not meant to be a complete recollection of the big bag of crazy that is the Greek army; just a quick post to confirm that, yes I am indeed alive and well and hopefully back into blogging soon. Speedgrapher and I have been trying to find a good way for me to blog from the army camp. MUST... HAVE... INTERNET! If you have any suggestions about any good internet-enabled phones, drop me a comment. Soon, I will hopefully have access to some good videos we filmed in the camp, which will be posted in the blog.

Unfortunately, I have hit my time limit here! I guess I am sorry that all I can leave you with is an elusive promise for more but we are working on it... I actually tried to conduct an interview in the army (in order to blog it) and I ended up as a trash collector faster than you can say “EWWW”; on a rainy day; and I was soaked with “garbage juice”. Oh well, no pain no gain...

That’s all from me for now... and remember, Easy Subjugation loves you!

Ergo Proxy

Speedgrapher’s Comments: evidently, Ergo Proxy decided to change his nickname into the two normal words it consists of and thank God for that (I am a little bit OCPD when it comes to language). Secondly, "let it never be said I did not try to warn you about the interview you daft bastard!" Although my gut tells me he will come through eventually; I have known him to, under even weirder circumstances… Keep it up mate!

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