Saturday, 1 December 2007

Anime Music II - Whisper of the Heart

OK, obviously this here is NOT an anime song but it is still an AMV (Anime Music Video), so we think it is appropriate for it to be here. The footage is from Whisper of the Heart, wherein we first meet Baron the Cat, as well as the little girl who wrote his story. The movie was based on a manga by Aoi Hiragi, produced by Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki, who also did the screenplay and storyboards. It was directed by Yoshifumi Kondo. Later, Ghibli made a movie based on Hiragi's sequel, Baron-The Cat Returns.

The song is Vanessa Carlton's "Thousand Miles", from the album Be Not Nobody (which also contains "Ordinary Day", another personal favorite). I believe it is far and above my favorite AMV for a very simple reason: it is a very heartwarming story coupled with a very moving, yet not "syrupy" song. Vanessa's voice has a very wide spectrum, from high pitch to low bass and she can use it accordingly, masterfully. Other than that, the artistic ability of the AMV's maker is undeniable and it never misses a beat, joining music and image in a seamless way. The result almost always brings me to tears...

Yes, this is an irregular update, whose origin is my sifting through the files on my hard-drive but who's compalining (names and adresses please)? However, don't be lazy, go back and read Part IV of Prometheus's story! I might even have a new drawing by Lockie for you in a few days... In other news, Torture Garden is in town and, well... we're going and saints preserve us! Taking pictures is verbotten but I will at least try and take some, somehow, just for you!


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