Sunday, 2 December 2007

Glimpse of Things to Come

Hell-O people! Well, although stiff-necked from last night at Torture Garden (wearing an all-too-tight S&M collar might have something to do with it but I am getting ahead of myself), I am, as ever, here to entertain you. However, the present post is only informative of things to come: first off, ergoproxy is coming back from his basic M.A.S. training on Wednesday! Hope he likes what I've done with the blog so far (sweat drop, nervous fidgeting...). Secondly, as I mentioned earlier, we went to the Torture Garden event yesterday (at Gagarin Club, Liosion 205 for those of you reading us locally), most of us fully dressed for the occasion and thoroughly embarassed, though it was kind of fun to be part of the "weird" crowd for once (well, definitions of "weird" vary far and wide but still...). Anyhow, expect a full account of and commentary on the show verrrry late tonight or tomorrow, along with the scheduled update. That will be all for now but check the event's flyer while you wait.



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