Monday, 3 December 2007

Anime Music III - Soultaker

This is an old (and all)-time favorite by JAM PROJECT, who are also responsible for most of the Getter Robo music from our tender youth. It remains one of my favorite anime songs of all time and this edit is simply amazing, merging the opening of the anime with the actual video clip of the band. I just LOVE this woman's voice! Also, the lead singer and his buddies bring back that manly feel anime used to have, before it was all bishounen (pretty boys) and "badass on the outside, tender on the inside". On another note, this song has been a great inspiration for Prometheus's story but I will not spoil that for you; just keep reading it (heh)!

No, this is not the normal update but something to entertain you (which, however, would have been posted sooner or later) while I frantically write the normal one. It has been a crazy weekend and there is no rest for the wicked; EVER! So bear with me and check back later tonight (it IS midnight here) or tomorrow. Hontou ni arigatou to sumimasen!


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