Friday, 28 December 2007

Monkey Business

Dear readers,

Today is an extraordinary day. Today is the day that I, Ergo Proxy, have finally gained the unique privilege of internet access after 2 months of net solitude! As you might have read, I am currently serving my Mandatory Army Service, so blogging has been out of the picture. Today I was given a small, five-hour window to visit the nearby town of Tripoli and naturally, in one swift, involuntary motion, I found myself in front of a computer - and boy does it feel good! I simply cannot describe faithfully what being in the army it is like... All I can do is attach a small sample of the idiocy I have to put up with all day and all night long.

Fun, huh? I live with this circus and I can tell you, I get the urge to scream on a "bi-hourly" basis. On the plus side, I have been keenly spreading the cult of Easy Subjugation to the furthermost reaches of Greece. *Evil Laugh* Eeeeeeeeeasy Subjugation! Hihihi.

All my love and best wishes for Xmas and New Year's

Ergo Proxy

Speedgrapher's Comments: I believe you failed to mention this usually happens when you try to take advantage of the sparse time allotted for sleeping... Ganbate ne? Ne?

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