Monday, 19 November 2007

Cosplay Party at BIOS!

Hello again faithful readers! Yes, we ARE having a double update today, since I am writing this at 12:50 A.M. Local Time and for me, it is technically still Sunday, so the scheduled update will be posted today around late noon. The reason is simple: I had already scheduled the update content and lo and behold, on Saturday we had a Cosplay Party! It took place at the BIOS club (in Athens, on Pireos Street, near Gazi, for those reading us locally), with Japanese music (all genres from pop, rock to metal, goth, you name it) and LOADS of people cosplaying, whether dressed as anime characters, following the staples of visual kei, goth, loli or both! I went dressed just as my nickname states (Tatsumi Saiga), in order to blend in. Of course, that did not entail much, save for black trousers and overcoat, white shirt generously unbuttoned and messily stuffed into my pants, just like the semi-derelict Speedgrapher. Oh, and let us not forget, my black digi-cam hanging by my neck, part of the attire BUT mainly so that I may take loads of pictures and share some with you right here.

Before we get straight to the goods, some explanations and “thankUs” are in order. The party was organized by, with my friend Myrto and Michael at the forefront and I thank them both for all the effort they put into it (if anyone else from the organizing committee is reading this, apologies you guys and gals but… I do not know who you are!). Next up is my friend Catherine who works at the Solaris Comic Book Store, is probably THE most up-to-date person in Greece (besides me of course, hehehe – OK, just kidding!) about manga and anime and saw to it that people with cool costumes stayed put and got photographed by yours truly (seriously, I am hiring you as my PR manager). Last but not in any way least, I want to thank Adrianna for suffering me to take her picture with my ridiculously bright flash bulb, even though that caused her discomfort. She was the most cooperative and fun person I met all night (along with Elisabeth, the definitive Queen of Dark Magic).

Well, that’s it from your ranting author/photographer/part-time domesticated bear, so on with the goodies (pictures will have the name of the cosplayed character, if any - the cosplay was not anime/manga exclusive but also related to modern japanese street fashion, visual kei etc., as mentioned above - unless I do not know it. If you see anything you know and I don’t, feel free to comment on it and I will add the name afterwards)!

Haruka from Love Hina.

Road Camelot from D.Gray-Man...

...and friends.

Light Yagami from Death Note.

Lady Oscar from Rose of Versailles,
Light Yagami from Death Note
and Japanese Goth Fashion.

Madame Batolli from Under the
Glass Moon.

Naruto Enthusiasts (Konoha Shinobi).

The DJs as Elfen Lied's Nana and Lucy.

Enjoyed it? More to come during the week! Don’t forget to check back at late noon for our regular update.



O maskoforos me thn mperta apo tous Naruto Enthusiasts. :P said...

OOO Orees pic traviskes Gratz thansk gia to upoload

Erisabetsu-chan said...

mia xara nomizw oti einai oi kaluteres pou exw dei apo afto to party :)

Ergo Proxy said...

Thanks guys and gal. Keep your pants on, there is more to come!

myrto said...

Give us more! Aftes pantws super, congrats :)))

death2eliza said...

super photos! thanks for sharing! proto mou cosplay k ethistika kiolas!einai thavma to pos prolavame mesa se misi mera na etoimastoume ;p

Ergo Proxy said...

Thank you, thank you all (no really, I AM touched). More tomorrow or the day after at the latest. death2eliza, who were you dresseed as and did I take your picture?

death2eliza said...

watashi wa oscar sama XD

Ergo Proxy said...

OKeez, thank you!

Queen of Hearts said...

Eyxaristo poly ki ego gia ti photo! Einai upereroxes:D

Ditikos said...

Egw pou moiraza ofuda pou eimai? (Watashi wa Kami desu) Den peirazei xixixixi oute o Mifune itan mesa!

Cookie Basher said...


Την κοπέλα με το vinyl φόρεμα δεν την ξέρω, αλλά έχουμε την ίδια κομμώτρια και θέλω να της πω "YOU ROCK" :D