Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Cosplay Pictures from BIOS - Round 2!

Here we go, another special update, out of turn: I DID say either Tuesday or Wednesday, did I not? Sure enough, this is being written at the edge between the two, at 11:55 Local Time. AS always, anything I am missing which should be mentioned in any of the pictures, just comment away. No lengthy intro this time, on with the goods...!

Oh, just a big "THANK YOU" to all the readers and their positive comments, as well as people who pointed out some details and names for the pics. Cheers boys and gals!

OK, I'm playing favorites
but I'm allowed, arent I...?

...not that the gals have anything to
complain about.

Belial from Angel Sanctuary.

Finally found it: Yuki Cross from
Vampire Knight!

Road Camelot from D.Gray-Man
again. (Damn, the Noah are


Toshiro Mifune off the filming set.

DJs Nana and Lucy from Elfen Lied again.

Nana Up Close (you gotta love the Diclonius
or they slay you; couldn't get
a good face shot
of Lucy-san though,

Urahara Kisuke from Bleach.

Madame Batolli from Under the Glass Moon,
enchanting the lens again.

"It's me, Mario!" said the
Nintendo enthusiast.


...quit complaining! How
else would I thank the
most cooperative
cosplayer of that night?

Well, that's it from me folks. We had a blast that night, we got to listen to Rolling Star from Bleach, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni from the anime of the same name and much else besides AND I am polishing my camera for the next event, whenever that may be. Check back Friday for Part III of Prometheus's story (and hopefully no more surprises this week - I am bashed!)




Erisabetsu-chan said...

u rule :)

indigojester said...

My photo is quite lovely, I dare say. Thank you for making me look so good! I am the lady in black velvet and lace dress, with the ominous red eyes. Just for the record, that's my version of madame Batolli, a witch (and widow) from the manga Under The Glass Moon. But it was your magic click that made all the difference. THANK YOU!

Ergo Proxy said...

Under the Glass Moon? Seriously? I loved that one but then it just... stopped. Thank you for your kind words and I will update the pics'names presently. It's been so long since I read it that I did not realize. I did the comparison just now and I can only say: WOW!