Saturday, 17 November 2007

Annoying Virus: You Have Been Infected With...

Yup, it's not update day but as mentioned in the original post for the updates, it's "one of those Specials": this is a social service by Easy Subjugation and its suffering authors. Suffering? "Why?" you ask. Well, ergoproxy is doing his M.A.S. and poor little old me has been dealing with problem after problem with my new, rapidly-becoming-beloved PC. First it was the forbidding distance of my room from the house router, then faulty wiring with the internet and phone cables and then yesterday, the absolute horror: a virus threat that got through! Besides my faithful Corporate Edition Norton, which had detected the threat but did not seem able to counter it, I was rained upon by bogus "You have been infected with so-and-so Trojan of a very high risk (successive windows professed different threats, such as low internet connectivity and CPU performance or credit card number theft etc.), so please download so-and-so anti-spyware/trojan/etc. from our (automatically loaded) site".

OK, I have encountered some weird stuff in my time, so I just ignored it and ran a full anti-virus scan, deleting manually anything that seemed suspicious, deactivating the internet and deleting cookies, whereby the annoyance stopped - temporarily. As soon as I got back online, here we go again and not only that, but two cookies REFUSED to be deleted. By then, the successive - and wildly different - messages were popping-up, so I realized it was definitely a virus and a stubborn one at that. It took me some time but after googling a bit, I found the actual problem and solution in the Symantec site at this location. It is a bit of a pain and you have to be careful, but it DID resolve the problem. Now all that remains is finding a way to close the door through which enter these annoying Trojan.Vundo and Adware.Ezula, which Norton keeps blocking and warning me about. They only infect the Temporary Internet Files so it's nothing to worry about.

(After a bit of digging around...)

Oh, here we go:

Vundo Removal
Ezula Removal

Happy Hunting,


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