Monday, 31 March 2008


Here is a contest for you dear readers: who took the following picture and where? Enjoy!

Well, seeing as I got back from Japan yesterday and not too many people bothered to answer the contest question, I might as well tell you. As Raven said, I took the picture and it was on the 28th of March, in Japan, outside of Tokyo Dome, wherein the X concert took place. Reports, loads of pictures and more from the Land of the Rising Sun are forthcoming. I am back, so you better be coming back here too.

Good and sad to be back,



ravensweetwater said...

You took the pic... And you're in Japan *Grumbles* Lucky bastard! <(XxX)>... Who are they, if I may be so stupid, ignorant and naive to ask? LOL! Go ahead. Slap me. It won't make me smarter, I swear. Hahahahahaha! Return home safely to us, dear Speedgrapher! We miss you!!

Ergo Proxy said...

I recon you run off to Cuba and brought cosplay to the people. You now run around as a renegade photographer subjugating more and more people into photographic submission.

Speedgrapher said...

Corrrr-rect dear Cathy! I am coming back tomorrow. However,these are not all the details and since this IS a contest, keep them comments coming people. Patience Cathy, all will be revealed in due time. BTW Ergo Proxy you bastard, you might just be right )might being the oerative wrd here).