Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Cosplay Party @ KABATZA Bar - Part 1

...and a great party it was too! Great music by Ordre de Ciel and the, great cosplays by the people who attended and last but not least, a HUGE crowd that reached out onto the pedestrian street (to the point where we had to remind ourselves to keep it just a teensy bit lower because, well, other people had to sleep.

At 21:20 I met with Demi-chan (who had come all the way back from Kerkyra, to Salonika and finally to Athens for this) in Victoria Station and we headed off to the party. Imagine my surprise when, not only were there many people inside already, but also OUTSIDE! Ι left the d-girl to her own (dark) designs and headed off to meet practically everyone there (some were friends, some had the coolest cosplays and some were just cool to be there or in any combination of the above, so naturally there was something to discuss with everyone). had also come in force and I believe it was the first time that most of the Athenian otaku community was gathered in one place (and even some from Salonika, beyond d, as I found out later). Well, talk is cheap and so I will reserve my commentary for the following pictures. Be sure to check often during this week, as there will be MANY updates.

Raven Sweetwater and... Ulquiorra?!

...a match made in, ummm
the Hollow World?

Edward Elric was also there...
(Fullmetal Alchemist). was resident trouble maker,
Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi
no Yuutsu). went all out with bunnies and
Loveless kitties...

...Teio Spawn_I as Faceless One (Sen to Chihiro
no Kamikakushi) and Matsu
as Teio Spawn_I (I am confused).

One cat out of the bag and another
in it... (still Loveless).

"Captain, my Captain" as the old poem
goes. (Uchyuu Kaizoku Harlock).

(Ha, I have been informed!)

Peggy (Candy Spooky Theater).

Umehito Nekozawa.
(Ouran High School Host Club)

Though cold-faced and cold-blooded,
Larva couldn't miss the party.
(Vampire Princess Miyu).

Alchemists and Hollows? Great!
Now there's a recipe for disaster!
(Full Metal Hollow? Hmm...).

My old friend, John Dalkides, with
a design not only entirely hand-made
but based on a character HE has created!

Night of revelations: another friend
has been batting for the other side?!

Well, thank God then for bean-sprout Alchemists
(Ed has always been popular with the ladies).

And speaking of ladies...

Balalaika from Black Lagoon.

Upgraded Oscar-sama from
Rose of Versailles.

...and a Lucy (Elfen Lied) ready to kill!

Whew! Fortunately Elissaios
from could
trigger back the Nyu persona.
Nice going!

And this is not even the beginning dear readers! We have barely (scratched, slashed, transmuted) the surface! Stay with us for more cosplay coolness all week!


P.S. Anyone who sees the costumes whose origin I ignore and can help me, please leave a comment that I may add the names.


Patty said...

Waaah! Einai oles toys poly kales!
O xaraktiras pou den ksereis einai o Umehito Nekozawa me tin gata -koukla toy, ton Belzeneev! Einai ap to Ouran Highschool Host Club! Re gmt den tin eida!! Ti krima! Pali kala pou ebgales ti foto!

Speedgrapher said...

Ah, thank you! I will add the information presently. Esy ti eixes dythei?

Patty said...

Isabella Yamamoto apo to Paradise Kiss! Ypirxe kai allos enas Isabellos, To xaraktiristiko tou xaraktira ayto einai to mov louloudi zografismeno sto mati I'll keep you posted an den ksereis kai kanena allo:P

Seth said...

Those cosplays suck ass so much that maked my eyes bleed