Sunday, 2 March 2008

Wrapped in Plastic Performance @ Skull Bar - Part 3

Ah, there we go, the last set of photographs from the Wrapped in Plastic event, featuring the various people present, the fun going on into the night, long after the end of the performance.

The Girls of Black n' Rose.

Plain old dancing to the rhythm...

Fun with masks (these were given
at the end of the show)...

...and displays of peculiar affection.

Darkside Blues approaches the
of masks...

...and manages to lose his face!

Time then for mischief...

...and love bites!

Success! (Or perhaps plain alcohol-
induced giddiness).

His demeanor calm, despite the
single tear in his eye - though

defiled, he has saved his face.

Meanwhile, Ergo Proxy tries
to get
around to enjoying his
and a ciggie but to no avail...

Everyone has their bad side...

"Dude, sod off! Don't be fucking &@*|* and
go take some pictures of the girls!"

"Aye-aye mon capitan!" Hello
Fucking Deity - long time,
no see!

And, as it happens, we reached my
personal favorite from that night,
whom I have nicknamed
"Spanish Eyes", due to my
unnerving inability to remember
her name...

...and isn't she gorgeous? This last picture I count among my favorites ever but it is time for both you and I to stop salivating dear readers (I mean, I must be professional about this - can't I?). The show was a success, the night was a success and all present had come in mind with the true purpose of going out: having fun. Indeed, fun we had and of what I hear, there is more to come, since Wrapped in Plastic plan on doing a different show EVERY MONTH! Congratulations to the performers yet again and we hope to see more of you soon.

Until then, keep the underground running,



R2K said...

: )

Speedgrapher said...

It seems saying something once does not register with some people: you are not to make insulting comments about the people presented in the posts and if you want to so badly, at least quit commenting as "anonymous".

RosenRed said...

Ok, I am not anonymous and I want to make an insulting comment about the person holding the camera. Is it going to be moderated? :P

Seriously man, chill! There's one of them everywhere... Just delete the comment and if you really want to be nasty give their IP :)

Speedgrapher said...

You may have a point but I do not have the time to be nasty on such matters. Giving away an IP is waaay too much for a comment on a blog. Deleting it and making a statement is much simpler.

tkas said...

Alright now I am not anonymous and I would like to say that, the young lady wearing only her bra, is rather extremely ugly.......