Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Cosplay Party @ KABATZA Bar - Part 5 - FINAL!

Here it is then, the final installment of photos from the party, 2 full weeks later. It has been quite a trip and once again, I thank you all for being in front of my lens. It's been ages since I had so much fun and so much material to work with. I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I have. This set includes basically some of my personal favorite photos, artistically (in terms of angles, expressions etc.) so don't go yelling about whose costume was best (we have gone over that already - lots of stuff and something for everyone's taste). This is simply an indulgence of my shutter-enhanced eyes.

Gun-blazin' Evil Lolita.

Ah, if looks could... hmm...

Artact: "Out to Lunch".

You know, there is a REASON I never show up
in pictures?! Besides, I'm faster - it's in the

Beautiful people, in every sense...

...and this, mayhap unimaginative, but heartfelt comment concludes the amazing night. The lights dim, the curtain falls and the audience murmurs in awe. There will be other parties, there will be other nights but this, was one made of the most rare material on the planet: good times. So adieu for now, dear reader, for though I also bore witness to Dirty Kings and Filthy Queens who were Wrapped in Plastic, that report will have to wait until after I return from Japan. I will be leaving on Thursday the 27th and will return on the 3rd of April. Until then, Ergo Proxy will be your host.

Signing off

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