Friday, 21 March 2008

Cosplay Party @ KABATZA Bar - Part 4

Yes, finally another (massive this time) update, probably the next-to-last in order to complete this mammoth cosplay collection. You have worked me ragged people but never have I enjoyed more the bleeding in my eyes. First, let us continue where we left of with our ninjas and samurai.

Sasuke, Sakura and Gaara were content to
pose (mostly) harmlessly...

...until something else caught their attention...

"Oro?", said the surprised

...but thankfully Sasuke has a soft spot for
effeminate ex-killers.

Sakura would have none of it and all the
while, Gaara and Tsunade were pretty
cool with everything (and cool in

During the commotion, Kenshin
managed to go to the side and
prepare for his Ama Keku Ryuu
no Hirameki, so I made a tactical

Meanwhile, Haruhi was in her own
little universe of fame... was the (not so) sad Captain
of the Arcadia.

Sanji finaly got his groove back...

...and Ed Elric found himself in
"tender" arms (OMG).

Isabella Yamamoto was unrattled by all
that was taking place around her/him... small thanks to Nana's (Nana) company...

...although Nana seemed to prefer
more definitely male companions.
(Mike, this cosplay had balls, literally and
figuratively. You managed to freak
me out and that is saying a lot! Congrats!)

A tender moment for Shagrath with our
friend Mariam.

Meanwhile, Zull obliged Spiegel by
looking scared.

"Oh, I did gun-boy a favor..."

"I'm too cool to be scared!"

Statement which made Spike turn
EMO for the rest of the night.

Ulquiorra enjoyed some quality time...

...with his costume designer, Ms. Candy White!

(Photographer smiles dumbly,
without speaking).

Afterwards, Ulquiorra took over the
decks again...

...causing enthusiastic...

...and - ehm - "other" reactions...

...while scary, cutie, corpse-eating

...and company gave it their all.

Our Hitman/Snake (Hitman &
Metal Gear Solid respectively)
hybrid was pretty content with

...until Larva showed up!

Aww, one big happy family.

Balalaika was having sweet,
homicidal thoughts (while
killing us with her legs)...

...alongside red-winged Asura...

...Nyu/Lucy's mood and personality

...classy Paparazzi-chan...

...and (ahem) perky Nightshift

An elegy in madness. Even my imagination is reaching its limits in writing captions for these pictures. There's a little bit more before we wrap up the party, to be delivered as soon as I am done editing it (my corneas are screaming at me but let them bitch - what do they know?).

Sincerely yours,



Anonymous said...

Is your nose bleeding..?

(Ero baka:P)

Keru said...

Speedgrapher-sama,sthn 3h photo apo to telos,dn eimai egw,h despoinis Ifigeneia einai(parapazzi)!!Egw eimai h enthousiasmeni neraida sta aristera...xD

Speedgrapher said...

Damn it! I just knew I would get something wrong. Sorry, dear girl...

Skuld Skauksson said...

Yeah... More like Dimmu Burger (pou leei ki enas filos)... Baka!!! Re katastrofh, koitas ka8olou tis fwtografies prin tis anebaseis? Eimai prhsmenos reeeeeeeee!!! lolololol :P