Saturday, 15 March 2008

Flash Mob

Ever heard of a flash mob? Well… Think of it as a very-large-scale prank, when many people get together and amaze the general public. Actually, never mind trying to explain it in words; just check out the videos. These videos where created by a group called improv everywhere. I was impressed by how active these people are. Watching people’s reactions is a hell of lot of fun. Check it out:

Find more videos here…

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Ergo Proxy


Anonymous said...

omg, i want to participate in a flash mob.. But no one organise one in greece!!


its so great.

Anonymous said...

Heyy!im the previous anonymous,
and i found out about an upcoming flash mob (freeze for 5 or so min), here in Greece!!
It will take place at sintagma or Ermou St, at 1/4!

If anyone wants to participate, plllz cmnt!

myrto said...

Oh frack! I would really like to be part of it, but unfortunatly I won't be in Athens at that date :( Hopefully there'll be another one...