Friday, 7 March 2008

A Tribute to Gary Gygax

Unfortunately, I come as the bearer of sad tidings. On March the 4th, Gary Gygax passed away. I therefore felt the need to make a small tribute to the man who truly and indelibly marked our lives. The name might not sound familiar to the average reader, but he is a legend in the Role-Playing community, having co-created Dungeons & Dragons. He is THE grandfather of Role-Playing and it truly pains me to think that he has left us.

Needless to say, both Speedgrapher and myself have spent countless hours Role-Playing. Having tried everything from Vampire, Mage, Ars Magica, Generic World of Darkness, Werewolf and all the way to strange and obscure gaming systems that no one has heard of, I have come to this conclusion: Nothing beats good old D&D!

I decided to turn to YouTube to bury my sorrows and I came across this video; I am sure that, now we have posted it, it is only a matter of time until it becomes the role player’s national anthem.

The easysubjugaion Just-in-case guide to:
Making Holy-Water

While typing this article, my mind started going numb and I fell into a trance-like state… My spirit was guided by Morpheus into the Dream Realm and there I had a revelation. There is a 77% chance that Gary Gygax is not dead but only planning a zombie apocalypse. This is a serious threat and we do not want to loose any of our readers to the rambling, brain-craving hordes. Hence, we provide an easy 1-step guide on how to make holy water. I guess these are the kind of top tips you can expect from us.

There is a common misconception in the adventuring world, that holy water is just water with holes poked in it. That is just absurd! It is obvious that to make holy water one must take simple water and boil the Hell out of it (but make sure you boil ALL the Hell out of it to ensure 100% holliness)! So there you go: now you know! Stay safe people.

And Gary, don’t you dare rise as a zombie because my 18th level half-dragon wizard/fighter/priest/shinobi/assassin/healer is waiting for you with a flask-full of holy water.

RIP Gary Gygax

Speedgrapher's Bereaved Comment: Aye, he will not be forgotten, until perhaps such time as we and our ilk go to join him and leave the rest of them playing the (by then, probably) 69th Edition of what was once a great, creative game. We played D&D before it was cool and it nurtured our imagination. "Et in Arcadia tu, Gary Gygax".

P.S. I bet that Tomb of Horrors is keeping you real safe now...

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