Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Cosplay Party @ KABATZA Bar - Part 3

Yes, the wackiness continues! What, I was absent for a few days and you just thought I'd leave you hanging? Where's the trust? Where's the love? Anyway, it was a pretty hectic (and sleepless) week, so it muddled my schedule up a bit but have no fear, the camera is still here!

No need for further introductions
but I really love this outfit.

Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir
(Thanks for the info!

OK, this COULD be from Paradise Kiss
but I have done enough blunders
as it is. Nepheli-chan?

Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop).
Yes, the wig is very real and has
only been edited for color.

From couples to trios (and hopefully not
threesomes - this is getting weirder by the

Cosplay party it was but let us not
forget our origins (Osamu Tezuka,
the father of 2oth century manga
was inspired by Disney's black and
white cartoons). Evil Lolita as
Snow White.

Ed Elric, Full Metal DJ!

The beautiful view from the decks, just so you
have proof that it was a full house!

Our very own vampiress...

...and of course, d-chan...

...and yu-kun!

"All the women I have known had cosplay in
their hearts." (Bad, bad paraphrasing but
I still love it).

For a cold-hearted Hollow he certainly does
get along with the ladies...

Fairies! More fairies!

No idea why Zull is so happy with
having Spiegel's gun on his head.

Master Gaara (Naruto) had nothing
further to add (although the girl's
costume screamed volumes!).

Peculiarly enough, the murderous
ninja enjoyed the company of none
other than...

The constantly flabbergasted
Himura Kenshin! (Rurounin Kenshin).

...and I am afraid that is all for tonight, but there will soon be more, with two or even three more sets posted this week to come full circle on that fabulous night.

Stay cool,


P.S. As usual, if I have omitted or botched some name, feel free to smack (and more importantly, inform) me.


Anonymous said...

Dimmu borgir - Shagrath.

αυτος ειναι.

Speedgrapher said...

argatou sa

Patty said...

Oi Gaara kai Kenshin prepei na itan ap ta kalutera cosplay tis vradyas!!!

Speedgrapher said...

True that, an kai tis sakura itan episis poly kalo kai fysika o ed elric. Vevaia. points for tough to make and wear pane nomizo stin alli Isabella kai ti Nana, given they were both guys...

ravensweetwater said...

How about Ulquiorra? *Smiles* He was DEAD sexy! LOLOLOL!!

Speedgrapher said...

Aaaa, Ulquiorra's outfit was in a class all its own so I thought it well beyond contest in this discussion, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Gaara rocked...
Ax egw ti na ntyhw sto allo cosplay?:/
(esy pou eisai vre? eeee?:P)

Klasika i Demi-chan parusa:P

(Ed se padrevomai:D)

myrto said...

Χεχεχε! Είδατε κόσμε, με το cosplay εξασφαλίζεις και βίον ανθόσπαρτον! Αμε! ^^

Anonymous said...

ETSI vevaia:P
(tha su pw egw to Savvato:P:P:P:P symfwno symbioshs tha bgalw hahaha)

Speedgrapher said...

I am officially weirded out...

Anonymous said...

Ela mwre oute mia plaka den mporume na kanume?:(

Speedgrapher said...

Oxi paidi mou, don't mind me, I'm just background noise, hehe.