Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Time and Space in Otaku Land...

...never seem to conform to most people's standards. Normally, you should be reading the update and seeing the pictures on the last Wrapped in Plastic event (before I left for Japan), Dirty Kings and Filthy Queens. However, the recent developments force me to do a different update today, one I am very fond of, a bit proud of and a good measure of "scared of", since it announces the next cosplay party in Athens, one we have been discussing with room302 for quite some time, one that will be anime-centered more than any other time and (blushes) one in which I will be humbly joining Ordre de Ciel on the decks to entertain you. Plus: contest & lottery! What more could you ask for? (Well, that I mercifully remember how to handle a DJ set without blowing us all up, for one). So, get in gear for the best costumes you can make and expect to hear the unexpected from the woofers! You are eagerly expected!

Just to set the record straight, the WiP event update will be posted later during this week, followed by a series of posts and photos on the trip to Japan. As for pooor Ergo Proxy, the man just can't get a break! He is being sent to an army camp in Crete for 2 friggin' months! Hang in there bro!

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