Sunday, 20 April 2008

J-Music Karaoke Party @ BIOS

I know it took forever but I have had numerous issues to deal with before tackling this post, since work has been piling up, my PC's power source decided to let its cooling fan R.I.P. (which means that, despite it having a guarantee, I have to wait until Tuesday to find out whether they will fix/replace it at all - ergo, must get new, better power source = unforseen expense during a particularly slim period, post-Japan) and other, little things that tend to condense into a monster called "everyday life", have required my full attention. Anyway, back to the point: last Saturday, threw another party at BIOS, adding karaoke to the usual mix of cosplay. I guarantee, you, it was a valiant and mammoth effort to put all that stuff together (karaoke songs and vids, video-projector, synched mics and so on and so forth) and kudos go to d-chan, who had to come practically sleepless to run the event.

HOWEVER, contrary to the very successful first BIOS party held by, this one had a number of flaws, some of which should, if possible have been tackled beforehand: to begin with, it was proven during the first party that BIOS has an abominable sound quality. It doesn't matter if you have two cute girls or Gackt himself singing "Vanilla", if the end result is a sound drone that somehow seems familiar. Now, I am not a sound-check expert but I suppose there should be ways this could be either resolved or, in the worst case scenario, that a different locale be chosen for the event. Secondly, there was a bit of chaos as to who wanted (or had asked beforehand) to sing what, which resulted in the same people singing over and over or cutting in during another person's song. Karaoke may be fun and yes, it is cause for hilarity - as most people have seen in anime - but not in a disorderly way. Thirdly (but that was beyond the organizers' control of course), where were the cosplays? Yes, there were a few shining examples (see further on) but in a party such as this, I believe people should go all out with their costumes, at least those who know how to make them or have friends who do. I mean, 10, may be 12 cosplays in all just don't cut it people...!

Still, for all that, as Ritchie Blackmore and Candice White would put it, "past-time with good company I love, and shall until I die" and the company was great for the most part, so no real complaints there. This blog, despite its cheery (and geeky) disposition, is all about facts and an effort to disseminate - on one hand - the culture behind all these cool events happening in Greece (and as far as we are able to witness them, the world) and help improve them - on the other hand. Thus, the three above comments are not meant in any way as a slight or sneer but as words of caution (in the first two instances) and prodding (in the last one). Now then, as to the the party itself...

Artact and Raven Sweetwater (rabu-rabu dear

Raven Sweetwater (photographing me
photographing her) and KrizD.

DJing and wearing Super Mario's
Fire Flower.

Shinigami Ryuk from Death Note
(respect thrice over, whoever you
are man - great costume).


...must resist...Lollies...

Aww, I give up...!

Kakkoii Style.

Gardy, in a classic (?) goth
loli outfit.

Rinoa Heartlily from FFVIII.

Sleepless in d-major.

Keru-chan and Katan (still Rosiel obsessed).

Yu-kun (are you sort of Misa Amane from Death
Note here?) and Walter C. Dornez from Hellsing
(only outfit I whip myself over not taking a better

Michael, as always, with a top
notch costume, this time George
from Paradise Kiss (way cool, man
but seriously, dress as something
I have a chance in Hell to recognize).

Dark Lollie, Dark Bishie.

Singing "I Need Your Love" from the Nana
anime (do not bother me with the red,
flaming eyes - total darkness and quite
some distance).

Well, that is all. Yup, that is ALL. Seriously, when was the last time I posted only 19 pictures without an encore? Get in cosplay gear for the event people! On another note, I took some videos during the karaoke but I am warning you: if you want to try and listen to the music and singing, increase your PC's volume quite a bit. I apologise for the quality of the picture but it was all I could do to keep my hand still. I will make no comment whatsoever on any of the vids (there are 5-6 in all but the second half has been struggling to upload in YouTube for days): instead, I want YOU, dear readers, to rate them with a -2 (for abominable), to +2 (for excellent) and anything in-between (no decimals please). Start voting for these first three and in time I will upload the rest.

...and don't forget, there is the Anime Music / Cosplay Party @ KABATZA tomorrow night and for your enjoyment (or horror, I dunno), I will be joining Ordre de Ciel on the decks with a playlist that, well... you must come and listen, don't you? How can you tell your grandchildren someday?

See you tomorrow,


P.S. In the next karaoke party, whenever that will be, I make a public statement and promise to sing the opening of Captain Harlock.

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RosenRed said...

Err... You meant Candice Night, right? As in Blackmore's Night?

Medieval Pop? If you concider that she used to sing for drunk truck drivers at interstate steak-houses, until richie found her, it sounds kinda funny, he!