Friday, 11 April 2008

Wrapped in Plastic - Dirty Kings and Filthy Queens @ Skull Bar - The Show

As promised, the last Wrapped in Plastic event update is finally here. Following a royal fit of inspiration and entitled "Dirty Kings and Filthy Queens", it was enacted by almost the entirety of the Plastic Circus (except Evil Lolita) and had some guest appearances as well. Now, if you really have absolutely no notion at all of what I am talking about - or simply want to check their next performance details - have a quick look here. As always, I remain of the opinion that pictures speak far louder than words, so sit back comfortably in the decadent parlor, sip on your suspiciously deep red wine and have a word and giggle with the patrons. The show will commence presently...

The spectators gossip and murmur... beehive anticipation.

And while the musician is at his post...

...the scene remains desolate and humble,
the performers lost.

Still do the actors put on their new faces...

...and fancy royal dresses.

For some, the tension calls for comfort...

...or alcoholic relaxation, of quite some

As one plastic Queen steps into
the limelight... does the humble scene become a
banquet fit for Royals - and alight.

As the music comes alive, enter the ladies of
the court, bearing petals of rose...

..setting the scene for their lords
and ladies...

...and pouring their sweet wine,
with much care, it shows.

Presently do the princelings come...

...full of plastic smiles...

...and flirtatious to some.

All hail the Queen and curtsy, lest her subjects
she berate... milords and ladies, woo and
touch and fornicate.

See the King and Queen in their majestic grace... safe and ignorant, in their high place.

Envy lies behind the mask of charm...

...let us try the crown on, what's the harm?

"Yes, it suits your brow, lover dear..."

"...but a crown alone makes no king, I fear."

Ooh, how his eyes spark with anger... the sleeping draught she doth minister.

Yes, enjoy the wine, though it tastes of treason...

...while merriment and lust persist, against all

Bah! His Queen asleep and he was bored...

...even as the courtiers peacefully

Ambition mixed with lust...

...a heady, poisonous cocktail, if you must.

Ooh, but beware the wrathful Queen's ire...

...even if, indeed, Sire,
her humour, though dire,
might be trumped by desire.

Ah yes, a true Royal's renown... feeling, no flesh, no lust
above the crown.

"Make merry my princelings, for
your Queen's pleasure..."

", dear lapdog, my treasure..."

"...and even you, young harlot, amuse me to

Dance then, for the crowd's hungry

Dirty Kings and Filthy Queens, full of passions
and pleasures and lies!

Again, the captions under the pictures illustrate merely my own perception of the show. It is amazing how a performance completely devoid of words can convey so precise text to someone's imagination. I believe that Catherine C (the Queen) was indisputably the most intense and prevalent character and I especially enjoyed how, form a seemingly secondary part in the story, she ends up taking completely over, by the second half of the show. Congratulations are yet again in order for the whole WiP team, but I believe that the members of Plastic Circus and their guests really outdid themselves this time, with no small measure of stress before the performance.


P.S. Another post will follow this one, probably tomorrow, containing the posed pictures of the Plastic Circus members, after the show.

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