Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Ordre de Ciel: Anime Party Extraordinaire @ KABATZA Bar! - Part 2

Where did we leave off? Ah, yes! At about 23:00 I got off the decks and those who would take over had to contend with a multitude of requests (ranging from “Ichirin no Hana” – of which room302 put on his very own Bankai Remix – to MUCC, Kaggra and Gazette). As for me, Raven Sweetwater had me and Yu-kun open some way for and control the “traffic” towards Sugizo and Juno Reactor (whereby Yu-kun and I have taken to greeting each other with the exclamation “Door!”).

Sure enough and as he had promised, the man showed up at 23:20, full of smiles and good humour. Now, there were mixed reactions to his arrival: most people could simply not believe he was indeed there, some where trembling and stuttering with amazement (not lying, one of them was a friend who nearly fainted) and yet some others were screeching with delight. Me? I was having a hell of a fun time taking pictures of them but more importantly, hearing what they discussed amongst themselves, in much agitation.

After we somehow managed to get all of them seated in a cosy corner of KABATZA and get them drinks, we had a spot of discussion until the avid and photo-eager fans arrived. Now, I have to say this with no small measure of satisfaction: except for only a couple of notable (and well-known to anyone who was there) exceptions, everyone was very civilized about the whole photo/discussion/shake his hand matter, even to the point where it got a bit funny (seriously, I do not know if people who know me find me intimidating, but asking for my permission to be photographed with him is a bit too much, heheh). As for Sugizo, I have to say that he is a great guy, plain and simple. Never mind how great a musician he is, you already knew that. However, the fact that he never once refused taking a picture with someone (after having participated in a live concert and during the span of some 3-odd hours he was at the party), sharing his opinions on any and every subject and even answering some frankly brainless questions, puts him at the top of my list, as the most amiable J-rocker. I also believe he gets extra points for his amazingly clear English and the frequent use of the word “rocker”.

Around 00:30, we stopped the music in order to give the awards to the best cosplays, as per the requests in the Death Note and give out the gifts to the Arrancar Lottery winners. Then, the fun resumed non-stop until 03:30 in the morning. I think that is quite enough of my rant and you, dear readers, would be more interested in yet more photos. Enjoy!

Mazinger went outside to cool his

...and while my childhood friend,
Angelica (left) and her friend (also
Angelica, to the right)...

...and our cute maids, Usagi-chan and Nya-chan
were posing...

...Tsunade was giving a hell of a
workout to...

...her beer-guzzling skillz! (Heh,
gotcha you perverts!)

Sasuke was not all that happy with
this development...

...but our Bunnydragon took care of his - ehm -

"Saaay... What's your name Mr.
Photographer-san?" Not telling
you Misa-chan.

"Aww, come on...! Pretty please?"
*blinks innocently enough to freak
the hell out of poor Speedgrapher*

"Ha! I, Haruhi-sama, emerge
victorious yet again!" (Another
winning cosplay).

As people seemed to innocently
have fun...

...and pose for the pictures without

...I sensed a conspiracy brewing. Sasuke's
delighted look was especially suspicious and
I started to move away when...

Tsunade: "Ahem, Speedgrapher-san?"
Speedgrapher: "Yes...? What is it Tsunade-san?
No! What are you doing? You must not..."

"...take the photographer's picture!"

Yes, let us all laugh at Speedgrapher. When
four beautiful ladies demand a picture, who
can really say "no"? (Even if one of the ladies
is Sasuke).

"Ha! He is now exposed."


"Piece of cake."

The only thing I know about this guy
is that he was cosplaying as Ryuk
at BIOS. Way cool, man!

room302 playing LUNA SEA.

Lovely Yuuko Ichihara (xxxHolic).

Michael, what are you dressed as,
again? (Sorry, been busting my head,
but to no avail).

Now presenting our Barmaid Special!
Featuring Christina & Maria
(Guest-starring KrizD)

After the music has stopped, the dust has settled
and the cheers fallen silent, with masks put away
along with the memories of the night, all that remains
is to capture the people who made this extraordinary
party a reality...

Ordre de Ciel & Sugizo!

Left to right: Larva, room302, Raven Sweetwater,
Sugizo, KrizD.(Oh, don't mind the short guy in the front.)

ODC, heartfelt congratulations! Sugizo-san, arigatou gozaimasu!

Really, I am left with nothing more to say. Can I faithfully reproduce the discussions with Sugizo here? Hell, no, he is a legend that walks among men, as was Hide before him, for whom he spoke with much emotion. All I can say is, it was an honor.

Signing off,



ravensweetwater said...

What a night, ne? I agree wholeheartedly about Sugizo. He truly is an amazing person. I was in awe about how he handled everything and everyone. He's just... unbelievable! LOL! And you, sir, did a great job on the decks! I applaud you! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Awe, to hell with the applause! *GLOMPS YOU* LOLOL! See ya soon!

Speedgrapher said...

Domo arigatou gozaimasu, Raven-chama *blushes purple*. I had the time of my life but, you already know that. Just so you know, I am preparing a new set. I don't know "when" or "how" but still, I am preparing it, with a lot of dedications to many people.


kyo said...

Sugi kai kseros artos!!!!Mas Eftiakses ola ta rest meronyxta!!!!

rosenred said...

Must have been a hell of a night... Too bad I missed it... Unfortunately my flight had a delay and I could not make it in time...