Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Eeetoo... Sonoo...

Yes, you have the right NOT to remain silent, yes you have the right to kick my butt ten ways to Saturday but still, the real update will be tomorrow. The reason for this is simple: when I came back from Salonika, I was so trashed and had so many "mundane" tasks to attend to, that I fell asleep at 22:00 and woke up today. However, with yet more "mundane" tasks to go, I just finished editing the pictures 10 minutes ago and if I post them now, the result will be poorly composed and not infused with the funny stuff I always try to write in the captions. Hence, I will start posting tomorrow morning and will be hopefully done by early noon.

On a second note, tomorrow's post will NOT be the final one on the ODC + J&AP...etc...etc, because the rest of the pictures came out at a number over 80 and it has been my ambition from the start, that this blog should be able to load at SOME point during THIS century. However, you will not have to wait long, since the pictures are ALL edited and ready to be posted. I intend to be done with this dragged report before this Saturday, since... on that night I will get even more material to edit (*sigh* no rest for the wicked).

Meanwhile, let me give you your second clue...

Now, what these clues mean, as some of you have asked, I cannot say as of yet. Just keep them in mind, until I pose my riddle. There is still one clue to go until Saturday. This one here may be in Greek but I am feeling generous enough to tell you: THAT is not important in any way, barring my sentimentalism.

Patience is a virtue (or so they tell me).



Anonymous said...

Thelw noodles (k na vafh malliwn).
Poios tha mu ferei?


Hey, cool video Speedo-kun:D

Speedgrapher said...

"Noodles kai vafi malliwn"? Something evil is brewing... To thymasai afto to anime Elli-chan?

Anonymous said...

Ameeeeeeee theiko htan:)

Skuld Skauksson said...

Re 'seis, ayto to petyxa ena Sabbato 3hmerwma, gyrw stis 5, sto Mega... Prin kati mhnes... Peftw sto krebati kai anoigw tv gia na nanouristw... Kai katelh3a na blepw errr... Kala h 3afnikh mou ekrh3h eyfyias (lol) mou apagoreyse na pw to onoma... Den 3erw an exei sxesh me to clue... Anyway... :P