Monday, 16 June 2008

Ordre de Ciel: Anime Party - The Sequel - Part 2

Now, where did we leave off? Ah, L was sensing something ominous and so did I, while the geezer-fied Ergo Proxy had just received his birthday cake and was smiling in a very peculiar way. There is also the matter of the mysterious phone-call that the detective received. Fear not! Your hairs shall not stand on end much longer, the shivers of apprehension will not persist, for all is revealed here, in most hilarious and laughter-enticing fashion. Come, then, dear guests, back into the parlor, where Hercule Speedgrapheur (distant half-cousin of Hercule Poirot, on his mother's side) will explain all! Entrez et asseyez-vous comfortablement mes amis...!

"L-saaan, chocolate cake!"

"Umm, you could always let me take
care of that... gastronomic temptation!"

"Hah! You wish Scanian! This here cake-"

"Will be properly divided and shared,
lest I continue my downward thrust
into your tender parts...!"

"Uh, you have a pretty strong case
there. How could I argue?"

"Whoa! Somebody put something
in my cake...! L-saaaan! Where are you?"

"Yarrr, you leave the cute detective alone or
so help me Sugizo, I will strangle you!"

"Nooon, but I just wish to share some cake
vwis ze detective, zat is all..."

"Quick, have a piece while they argue!"

"Arigatou, Bunny-san. So many
weirdoes here. Feels kinda like home...
Mmm, chocoreito keeiki...!"
whispered the bewildered L.

"Mmm, this aroma, this amazing
essence of addiction..."

"Arrgh! Gronph! Chomp! Munch! Miam!"

"Oi! Orochimaru! Heads up from the cake and
act a bit civilized you serpent!"

"Isss that sssivilized enough?!!"

"Um... Help?"

"Hmph! You can die for all I care."


"Oh, Light-san... You made it! How...
nice to see you here...!"

"Hello my dearest L. Apple?"

"Err, no thanks; no apple - too healthy, you
understand. My, what a beautiful notebook!
You know, they are voting for best cosplay. I
don't suppose you could use a page from here
and vote for me?"

"Why, with pleasure my dear friend!"

"Don't you dare hurt the cute detective!"

L, saved by the Bunny- err, bell.

"Doesn't he ever take that lens off of his face?"

"Just grind your teeth and bear it, he will
probably find something else to distract him
soon enough."

"OK, chee- *grinds teeth* -zu!"

"Yeah, he is still here. Don't turn around."

"OK, OK you made your point! Here, I will
even smile...!"

Many thanks to my deputy assistant, who's hand
is starring in these two photos.

"Ahh, finally left alone with coffee
and sweets. Bliss!"

Mai-chan, dressed as a character she
herself has created and drawn...!

...and together with a friend, dressed as a different
character, from the same story.

Ah, Melo-chan (in civilian clothes) and Mary.

"Melo, do you feel something... strange?"

"I could swear someone is watching me..."

"Oh, Speedy stop it! It's embarrassing!"

"You heard her buster! Move out
before I bite you!"

The night's cosplay winners, First Prize going to L.
(It would seem Light did not vote for him after all -
at least not in THAT Death Note!)

The fun resumes but...

Awww... don't be sad didi-dollie-doll...

"But it's not fair! All she had to do was
look cute and sexy! I had to do acrobatics
and balance the frigging laptop on my head!
What's happened to all the otaku
nowadays? Where's your dedication
to the Way of Geek?! Huh?!!Huh?!!!"

"Shh! Hush now didi-doll! Else, I see
the good men in blue (or perhaps even
white), inviting you to tea..."

"Hey, you there on the left could well be L's
little sister!"

"What?! Take another photo!"

"Yup, no mistaking the resemblance..."

"Why are you bothering the girls you
lens-wielding freakazoid?"

"Whoa! Major hair-lock deja-vu dude!
Be seeing ya!"

"Ooooi, Speedy-san!"

"Oh my starts and striped stockings!
Er, I mean, hey there Jeannie."

The FPL (Fearless Perfectionist
Leader) of Ordre de Ciel finally
allowing himself to chill out.

"Duuuude, I've just been interviewed!
I j-rock!"

"Oh, hello there ladies. What are you
doing out here?"

"He is not very quick on the uptake,
is he?"

"No, I am afraid not. Shall we?"

"It's good to be the leader of a j-music
collective. Word!"

"Um, uh, yeah of course... I will just be going now.
I think I just saw Raven coming over. Have fun...!"

I seriously do NOT want to know what Jeannie
looks at so dazedly in her cell-phone, that has
freaked Bunnydragon out. Bunnydragon does
NOT freak out...!

Mary-Ann, gazing dreamily as ever...

...with Artemis (punky as ever).

Hen-kao by Louiza and Milk.

Artact. Better late than never...!

"Why are you looking at me that way
you dirty-minded photographer?"

"Um, nothing, nothing at all!"

"... ... ... ... ... ..."


"Huh? Oh! Sorry Keru-chan, I
uhh... umm, wow, love the new

"Onegaaaai desu!"

"Dame da yo! Gomenasai!"

"You what?! Hahaha!"

"This is just not my day. Time to get trashed!"

"Aha! Ergo Proxy! Come with us for a moment!"

"Speedgrapher? Help? Please?"

"You are on your own dude...!"

"OK, that wasn't so bad. It might even
be considered cute. Ladies just love
cat ears..."

"...and... that is taking it too far.
You bastard, you are ready to burst
into laughter!"

"Who? Me? Pfff...! Wahahahaha!"

"Do not listen to him! Cat ears are
for the truly manly at heart!"

Ergo Proxy brought an interesting recipe with
him from Crete, called "Baby Bear" or, alternatively,
"Drunken Bunny". A shot of Ursus, a shot
of tequila and a whiskey-glass of beer.
Drink the Ursus shot, let the tequila fall into
the beer, the consume the lot!

There goes the Drunken Bunny.
Cheers Aizel-chan!

"I didn't have any, so why is
everything so pink and spinny?

DJing is a Family Thing
A Yon-koma Show
Without Comments

The fact is that the party went on and on and on... until 4 in the morning and by the time of our departure, even more transpired and was witnessed, be it...

...shouts of glory...

...odd hugs... of cat-ears and scratches...



...or pride and joy...

...and, truth to tell, it seems these weekly escapades have been blessed with being such as they are, every time and raising even the gloomiest and truest of blue moods. They carry on, we follow suit and the fun has only just begun (no, this is not just a generic, closing statement, but I have been sworn to silence... for now).

Still here, still many more photos left,


P.S. Check back soon, for the most amazing and unreal afternoon coffee of Athens's j-fans.


Anonymous said...

uh? when did all these things happen?!
damn, at what time this the party break off?

Tsunade in stripy socks, priceless:P

Didi-chan said...

Kristeeeee mou!!ti koinwnikos diasirmos ine aftos???
oute mia den afises adhmosiefth??se olo t megaleio m parousiasthka pali=P

teleiwke tha me exei perasei gia trelh o kosmos den yparxei periptwsi=P

par ola afta oi fwtografies ine teleies!antiproswpevun teleiws to poso omorfa perasame!^.^ tis koitaw kai thimamai ekeini t xefreni nykta!

p.s.:kriste mou!kai ti fwtografia me tn giapwnezo??

Didi-chan said...

A kai to caption st fwtograia pou "klaiw" apla pe8ana st gelio!!
ma pou phgan oloi oi Otaku???

Trashman said...

Opws eipe kai h Elli...POTE eginan ola ayta;;;..Einai san na vlepw dvd me alternative ending...akoma kai ta rouxa kai ta xtenismata fainontai diaforetika..
Great pics!

Speedgrapher said...

The party broke off at 4 in the morning. Do not be confused with what you see. That is why I am there, to record everything!

Didi-chan, i eimaste fan sou, i den eimaste. Osos gia to thema tis trellas, nai, eisai theotrelli but we love you for it!

Arigatou everyone!

Skuld Skauksson said...

Daaaamn... I'm missing "cuteness" and "sweetness" already!!! :(

"Tender parts"? As I have already said, I, the Scanian, fear only:

1)Lack of beer
2)Lack of metal
3)Lack of pleasure
4)Lack of meat
5)Lack of ideas

"tender parts"? ...vad säger du? Baka! :P

Speedgrapher said...

Um, I was not talking about YOUR tender parts bror.

Yes, cuteness & sweetness was missed indeed...

Skuld Skauksson said...

Oh, I got it now...! :P Apla, extes koita3a mia fora oles tis fwtos kai diabasa ta keimena meta, xwris na deinw panta pollh bash sthn antistoixh tou ka8e keimenou fwto... So... :P

Anonymous said...

(plz?:) )

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel