Saturday, 7 June 2008

Ordre de Ciel + Japan & Anime Party - Ultimate Japanese Music Cosplay Party - Part 3: Chronicles of the Sword II

The horrible suspense about your photographer's fate is about to come to an end! All will be revealed and in a manner reminiscent of classic action films, I will...-



... ... ... ... ...W.T.F.???

It... would seem that the invisible, yet ever-present
editor decided there was no real point in posting the
ultra-backflip-stunt with which I got away from
Hide's ghost and decided people would be more
interested in Rinoa-chan and didi-doll headbanging
(not that I blame him, mind you)...

Yu-lun, beautiful as ever but...why
the melancholy...?

"Oh, it will pass - come and talk to me later".

On the other hand, some people were waaaay
unhinged (just ignore me, go for it!)...

...and loved it!

Another random appearance of the
sword but I knew better than to meddle
with it just then...

Artact, going about MY business.

"Hey, missy! Two lenses is one too
many in THIS part o' town!"

"How about three?"

(OK, that smile will definitely kill me
one day...)

"Ooh! Big, shiny thing!"

"Uh, did-doll, that is a sword's business end..."

"A sword? Oh, you mean these cool
things you pose with?"

(She DOES have a point.)

"Well, I suppose you DO have point there..."

(See? She DOES!)

Meanwhile, I haven't seen Yu-kun around after
our brief exchange of words...

"Rinoa-chan, can I borrow this for a sec? Arigatou."

"Ahh, so there you are. Still having the

"Kind of... You see..."

"Never mind, never mind. Here, let's see if
this can cheer you up."

"Ah, I saw this passed around quite a
bit. Wow, it's heavy and..."

"...mmm, that metallic tang is just so..."

"Weird? Bah, no matter, as long as it
changes your mood."

You know what? I like Red Sonja as
much as the next red-blooded male
but I think a live, armed impersonation
just MIGHT be a little dangerous,
so I take my leave...

"What, had enough already? I would
have thought the 'mighty' Speedgrapher
more gutsy...!

"Ergo Proxy, you DO know I hate you,
don't you?"

"Hello again Hide-san."


"Yay! A picture with Hide!"


"Us too, us too!!"

(Hide: "I wonder where that sword could be...")
Indeed, I haven't seen the thing since I left it
with Yu-kun. Better check on it, methinks and
ever-smiling Kame tags along.

Nobu was in the process of examining
Artact... or something. However, we make
haste towards the bathroom and...

...oh dear, not AGAIN. However, Kame-chan reacts
surprisingly fast and stops the blade a few inches
from her throat.

Then she remembers she is supposed to be the
frightened and weak female, thus relinquishing
the blade to act accordingly ( kind of).

Meanwhile, Christina tries to hide
the fact she has been booze-happy again... vain.

Penelope, being the calmer one,
looked at me innocently and
refused to comment.


...the party still raged...

...room302 caught a few breaths...

...and enjoyed the company...

...while the sword kept making circles...

...and someone should really let
the girl out of there!

Well, that's it then: the ultra-mega-gargantuan party came to a close and so did this copious and severely outdated report. Ever so often, life manages to run fast enough to catch up to my perpetual, imaginary wandering, resulting in... well, whatever you think of this particular series of photos and captions. Nevertheless, tomorrow is a new day (and another cosplay party, let me tell you) and as always, as with all things, we start over. Ordre de Ciel has become a staple of my imaginary trips, a well as my weekend outings (despite my recent absence, over the past 2 weeks). Jokes, punchlines and j-stuff aside, they are great people, great friends and though I often seem to mention that over here, I am not sure I tell THEM often enough. So raise your glasses and kanpai to them and kanpai to you.

Before I yawn myself away, let us conclude this riddle business. Here is the final clue, followed by the riddle proper. The first to tell me the answer, tomorrow night, will get a little something I brought over from the Far East. Have fun figuring it out!

"I have now talked to thee of Kings and Princesses, under the Eye of God, of he who set down the first stone and let his people dream. Riddle me then this: who is missing from the Triumvirate and what be her name?"

I assure you, this is no hoax or anything so obscure that you may not find the answer, Read the riddle carefully, pay attention to the wording and writing - NOTHING is, as is, by chance.

Yawning off,


P.S. I might have neglected it, I cannot remember: thanks to Raven Sweetwater for the additional pictures she has provided me with, for these posts.


Skuld Skauksson said...

8a pw kati ligo gia thn wra (!) kai 8a synexisw se proper commentikg kapoia allh stigmh...


Ton mpairneis! Me mprizwses 3hmerwmatiatika me to grifo na 'oume! :P

(alla prepei opws+dhpote na pros8esw to e3hs:

"the ultra-mega-gargantuan party"

Axa0x0ax0a0x0ax00ax0a0x0ax0a0xa!!! Psofhsa sta gelia re mlk prwi prwi!)

...xmmm eytyxws pou eipa liga...

Speedgrapher said...

Feel free to rant away, deprive yourself of sleep and bust your head with my riddle. Nyaa hahahah!

Anonymous said...


Speedgrapher said...

Elli-chan! Arigatououou! *bear hugs* Unbelievably funny! Boro na to postaro kai edo? E? E? E? Boro??? Tha se kano credit of course!

Anonymous said...

ennoeitai vre:)

Speedgrapher said...

Doomoooo! Get ready, I am posting it now!