Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Ordre de Ciel + Japan & Anime Party - Ultimate Japanese Music Cosplay Party - Part 2: Chronicles of the Sword I

Ah, at last, we move on to Part 2 of the party, after much delay on my part. Well, good things come to those who wait, as they say (in Greek it sounds a bit different, but I digress). *Ahem* Well then, as it often happens, our tale revolves around a sword, forged in the 1200s by the fey smith of the Templar, Bors de Lyon and wielded for centuries thereafter, by the undying Teuton Grandmaster, Engel von Kulm, later known simply as "Schuldig". It holds many a colorful tale, often painted in crimson, yet occasionally, it finds itself in surroundings undeserving of bloodshed. It is there that the sword finds itself confused, for it has acquired a semblance of sentience, therefore attempting to create a scene, akin to the many centuries of death that its blade has seen...

However, this humble storyteller is
immune to the sword's bloodlust. Kneel
Larva and greet thy 25th year!

Happy Birthday to you... belong to the...-oh, never mind!
My best wishes to you man!

"I'll huff and I'll puff..."

"...and I'll turn 25! Hey Speedy? Could I have
the sword for a moment?"

"Thank you! Now, to put it to good

OK, either the sword is confused or
I simply do not want to know what's
in that cake (delicious by the way - yum!)

"Wellll... I think I found the perfect
company for the sword..."

"Right, um, #13, safety distance, 1 mile,
frigging NOW!"


"Now, as you can see, Hide keeps his bubblegum
hair nice and fluffy with XXXXX TM, even in the

Product identity has been withheld by request of
The Powers That Be. No, never mind our ex-Misa's
amused look or the fact that the censorship reminds
what the Japanese use in, erm... well, you know.

A proposition: you should definitely cosplay
as Candy White. You have the looks
and everything... For those of you who
remember, this picture reminds me of
Candy's portrait at the opening of the


From here on starts the real sword weirdness...

"Hmm, I feel something is missing..."

"Ah! The sword! Please give it back, please!
I... I must have it!"

"Look, I will even trade you the camera for it!"

"What? You do not have it? Then who
in the Nine Hells...?"


The mirror reveals the things unseen and the
sword's thirst for violence...

"Hah! Now' tis time for the blade to
taste flesh and bone and life's
mead again!"

"Uh, Rubus? May I see that for a sec?
Right, thanks, bye!"

*Dwarves are great sprinters*

"Hulloooo, Speedgrapher-san!"

"Uh, yeah, hello, gotta get rid of
homicidal sword, be right back!"

"Ooohh, isn't this nice?"

Giving the bloodthirsty blade to
sweet-tempered Mary, I had hoped
it would calm down but...

"Is it just me, or is it getting real hot
in here?"

"Um, Mary, you might want to drop..."


The enraged sword combusted our poor,
sweet friend. Just as I was about to remove it
from the general vicinity...

OK, that is definitely "hot" but SO wrong...

I am thinking the sword may have developed an
unforeseen personality trait...

...which affects our pure, innocent girls!

"Here, let me have it! I will teach it
some manners!"

Though the sword is quite large and
heavy, there are precious few
things that would not be intimidated by

"Ah, an instrument fit for a swordmaster!"

"Nobu-san, I should warn you. This sword..."

Right, never mind...

Artact-chan finds out what being "cutting edge"
is all about...

...and yet there are charms even
the cursed blade cannot overcome.
Femininity vs Bloodlust: 1-0.

"Oh, you just say that to all the pretty

"Come now, stop it! I am embarassed!"

"You are going to keep this up.
aren't you?"

"Uhh, definitely?"

"OK, at least let me have some
company then!"

"What, who...? Speedy? Is that
camera on?"

As if it's ever NOT! By the way,
what happened to...


"That S.O.B.! My head! I will get him
for this! I will..."

"...ahhh... what have we here?
Come back to mama, little sword...!"

At this point she just kind of jumped over
my head (not too difficult, I assure you)
and disappeared with the blade.

As for me, I was distracted by Reiko the Zombie Shop
and Saber Rider, dressed as Team Rocket from Pokemon
(now, how weird does THAT sound?).

Well, can you blame me?


"See these fingers hon'? Each has a steel ring
with your name on it!"

"I swear, I was NOT looking at Jessie's
legs! I was just searching for my Ulquiorra

"Hell hath no fury", my friend...

Pleasant break with Louiza and

Aha! So that's where that verdammt
sword has gone now! I will...

"Hey, there, Mr. photographer."

"Oh, hello Ms. Velvet Vortex. I really
must run. I must find where that

"...sword has ended up."

Well, Hide seemed to be upset about
something and I was not about to argue
on these terms...

*gasp* *gulp* Fear, horror and anticipation! What will happen to me? Where ELSE did the sword end up? Find out, in our next episode!


P.S. Shame on those who made dirty thoughts about that last question!


Anonymous said...

Re den htan polloi ntymenoi, dropi!

(Ean den exei ntymenous to Savvato apeilw na ftiaksw ena vraveio k na to aponeimw ston eafto mu:P)

Speeeeeedo-kun, Savvato protinw na diavaseis Asapheies, teehee

Speedgrapher said...

Hehe, an pragmati den erthoun dymenoi, tha exeis esy eidika special award apo emena (an eisai dymeni, eee, se cosplay, nai, afto enoousa).

Vevaios, tha frondiso. Vevaia panda tis diavazo,alla ypotheto oti sxediazeis kati... poly Moka-style (secret school of Martial Arts)