Thursday, 12 June 2008

Ordre de Ciel: Anime Party - The Sequel - Part 1

Here we are again and since I have noticed many "impatient" moods in MySpace profiles, I decided to start posting about last Saturday's party earlier, since, once more, there are waaay to many pictures to go through. I cannot really say whether the weather (excuse the pun) has gotten to you or maybe you have finally gotten down the whole cosplay thing or even if you were motivated by the earlier announcement of the prizes: people, your cosplays ROCKED. Seriously, over the past 6 months, I have seen quite a number and variety of cosplays and even a chance to witness the original, Japanese stuff. Last Saturday you outdid yourselves and although, naturally, some won and others did not, take it from an old dog like me: you should be proud. Even if you are not, well, I am proud for you!

Once more, Ordre de Ciel cooked up an amazing synthesis of songs and tunes and welcomed me on their decks for the third time. I still believe that the "anime lord" thing on the poster was a bit over the top but I kindly thank them for the faith they put in me (and the danger they unknowingly go through, each and every time). Last Saturday was marked by another occasion - yes, yet ANOTHER birthday - since, when the clock struck midnight, heralding the 8th of June, Ergo Proxy joined me at the 26th Level of Geezerdom. Happy Birthday man and that makes the 12th year of our cooperative sowing of chaos! May you reach your 1000th year safely because 2982 AD will be pretty boring without you.

Ahem, now that my base sentimentalism is out of the way, let us move on to the pictures. Enjoy!

You see, I have a trouble with time... I have come to believe that, subconsciously, I follow a Geas (a mystical imperative) that has been placed upon me, that I may never, ever be exactly on time: I will either be late (which is usually the case) or very early. This time, not having seen the ODC gang for over 2 weeks and given the fact that I was to play at 22:00 sharp, I decide to err on the side of caution, hence arriving more than 30 minutes early. However, as the time was nearing for the team to arrive, I took the opportunity and hid inside the bathroom, so that I could creep up on Raven during a moment of dramatic poise. *click* !FLASH!

"You, sir! How dare you? Oh, Speedy,
is that you? Where did you pop out form?"

...and with that, after greetings, "where-
have-you-beens" and "what's up people"
were heartily exchanged, Larva climbed on the
decks to kick off the night's fun. Man plays
the best air guitar ever.

I was overjoyed to see that we did not have to wait long for people to arrive and soon, familiar faces started popping up...

Milk-chan (looking wicked, doll)...

...Sweet Lady with a Tiger-tail (and
stripes - nyarr!)...

...some new faces from the world of
otakuness and soon... was a full house! Initially, we thought there
would not be many cosplays, since some regulars
were in "civilian" outfits, so to speak. However,
just as I climbed on deck after Larva, I saw, not
only Buggy the Pirate but a near-full crew of
The Strawhat Pirates come in!

room302's expression speaks volumes (he
knows it is going to be a great night but he is
too much of a perfectionist to admit it).

Meanwhile, Kyoshiro ran off with my bodily
extension (that would be the camera, for
those with dirty thought inclinations), since
even shadowy L cannot hide from her
coolness-detector. Meanwhile, I had a strange

Elli "Asaph"-chan as Orochimaru!

"I know that being pale as wax is
part of the whole evil ninja gig but
seriously, you are in bloody Greece,
where there is entirely too much sun!
What sun-block do you use?"

"Whoa-whoa, keep that tongue
inside! Forget I asked - jeez." Evil
ninjas can be so uptight these days...

Not too long after, did-doll showed up as Ed from
Cowboy Bebop, along with Ayami-chan as Riku
from Kingdom Hearts! At the time, "Broken
Wings", the ending from Trinity Blood was on
(a really sad, slow song) and Ayami asked if
"I would play anything they could shake to"
(don't look at me, those were her exact words).
Thankfully, Granrodeo's "Infinite Love" was
up next. Yup, I still use pre-made playlists
but I will get better, I swear! I believe, of
all the songs I played, the one having the most
profound effect was...

(X-Japan, not that you didn't know).


"Oh, how lovely to see-"

(Yu-kun, rapidly becoming the official
Death Note bearer at the Ordre de Ciel


(Again, excuse the pun, heh!)


A little while later, I ceded the decks... Ordre de Ciel's fearless leader, who made his
entry with his very own remix of Silent Hill music!

Of course, I could then run off and see this L
everyone was talking about, with my own two eyes
(plus a lens). I believe that even the Gollum-like
detective was surprised to have me staring at him,
while he drank his beer (even though technically
"he" is a "she". Congrats Freaking Candy Freak!)

Naturally, Dragonbunny was there,
as a Taiko Drummer...! (The fan
is from the trip to Japan - showoff!).

... as was the, ever Sugizo-smitten, Kyoshiro.

"You again?! What do you want, petty

"Just to record your l33t ninja skillz

"Oh, I'll show you skills you worm...!"

"Uh, I think I see Sasuke over there..."

"Who? What? Where? Not behind me,
is he?"

(Speedgrapher slips away in an Icchan sort
of way - wobbling).

didi-doll, Bunnydragon and Ayami-chan.

Now, if you remember, in this post, I said I liked
didi-doll's cosplay best. It's not just that it was
amazingly faithful to the character (or that she is
darn cute, either)...

...she was COMPLETELY into the role.
Yes, that is a very real laptop, balanced
on her head without aid, just like
the real Ed would have done...

...and for no small span of time or with
limit of movement either!

However, in the end, gravity wins all...

"Finally, you can now pay some
attention to me...!"

"At your service."

Cute girl: check
Cowboy Bebop cosplay: check
Real Laptop: check

I think Ergo Proxy has found true love!
Discreetly, I then left the scene to spend
some time with...

The Strawhat Pirates!

Buggy the Clown.


Roronoa Zorro.


Niko Robin.

??? (help please!)

...and, the man himself, Monkey D. Luffy!
Always stealing the spotlight...

...something Sanji is not too happy about. He even
tried to pull Luffy out of the picture, much to the
stretchy pirate's amusement.

"One side, pirates! Ed-chan is
coming through!"

"People like cute Final Fantasy
characters better than runty,
PC geeks whose sex is contested for
more than half the series!"

"Out of my way blondie! We'll just
see about that when I backflip with
the laptop on my head!"

"Yesss...? He is coming here?
Yes, I believe there will be

"I smell something ominous..."

You an' me both, detective...

With the cake coming out from under the woodwork (literally, as Bunnydragon had hidden it there during my set), it was time to celebrate Ergo Proxy's birthday. However, THAT story of mayhem will have to be left for the second part of the report (sooner than you think!), as well as L's meeting with a familiar face.

In closing off, here is my playlist, "Promethean Heart":

01 - Hunter x Hunter GI Final - Believe in Tomorrow (OVA OP)

02 - Area 88 New - Mission (TV OP)

03 - Basilisk - Kouga Ninpou Chou (TV OP)

04 - Rurounin Kenshin - Heart of Sword (TV ED 3)

05 - Tsubasa Chronicles - Strange Names

06 - Hatenkou Yuugi - Heartbreaking Romance (TV OP 1)

07 - Metantei Loki Ragnarok - Rakuen no Tobira (TV OP)

08 - Trinity Blood - Kresnik

09 - Basilisk - Wild Eyes (TV ED 1)

10 - Jigoku Shoujo - Sakasama no Chou (TV OP)

11 - Claymore - Raison D’ Etre (TV OP)

12 - Bleach - Rolling Star (TV OP 5)

13 - Melody of Oblivion - Will (TV OP)

14 - Shin Getter vs Neo Getter - Storm (OVA OP)

15 - Uchyuu Senkan Yamato (TV OP)

16 - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (TV OP)

17 - Trinity Blood - Broken Wings (TV ED)

18 - Koi Suru Tenshi Angelique - Infinite Love (TV OP)

19 - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai - Naraku no Hana (TV OP)

20 - Darker Than Black - Kakusei Heroism The Hero Without A Name (TV OP)

21 - Tsubasa Chronicles - A Song of Storm and Fire

22 - X-Japan – Χ (X/1999 Movie Theme)

23 - Rosario + Vampire - Dancing in the Velvet Moon (TV ED)

24 - D-Gray Man - Doubt & Trust (TV OP 3)

Stay tuned,



Anonymous said...

Haha nice pics Speedo, I like L with the mobile phone:)
(sto allo tha baleis k afth pou kanw oti se trww nai?:))

Speedgrapher said...

Safestata. Tin exo idi kanei edit, alla pano apo 50 pics se ena post pigaine poly...

Anonymous said...

Orees pix pantws, bravo panta tetoia
(a k to anthliako einai me deikth prostasias 60 afto gia ta mwra)

Speedgrapher said...

A, gia derma san k@#o mwrou pou leme?


Anonymous said...

A btw o ???Help xaraktiras einai aplws enas random Marine apo to One Piece.
(ektos ean pigainan gia kapoion sygkekrimeno pou dne to nomizw)

Speedgrapher said...

I will wait and see if anyone has a different answer and then just post yours. Arigatou!

MoBoRoS said...

Hello speedo graphaa san!
Edw o tupas me to raito cosplay (again) :P
elpizw na ginoun upload oi fotos m me ton Eluko!
Mpravo gia tis fotos ! panta oi kalyteres!
A! k na pernas suxnotera apo to otaku gia na se vlepoume k katholou!

Speedgrapher said...

True, true, exeis dikio, alla mia zoi trexo kai den ftano. Pandos i photos me ton L einai idi edited kai etoimes gia to peomeno post, so do not worry...!

Anonymous said...

"einai idi edited kai etoimes gia to peomeno post,"

(nai nai, kserw, ki egw grafw etsi ("dne" px), plakitsa kanw)

Speedgrapher said...

WTF> Pos diaolo mou ksefyge afto??? That will teach me to comment when I am sleepless...

kyo said...

Argoudakiiiii....... Pali me eksetheses.....Your name will be written on the book.....