Wednesday, 13 February 2008

J-Music (K)Nights

What can I say to you people? I believe a huge apology is not nearly enough for the perpetuating irregularity of the updates but we've had our share of misfortunes, among which contracting a rather serious virus which made my internet connection go awry (it was a mixed shake of Trojan.Obfuscate, Trojan.Downloader and Trojan.Mini, which were not detected or stopped by my Norton Corporate software but thankfully, a Kaspersky trial version did the trick and everything seems back in working order... for now). However, we are still out here, trying to make things work and entertain you, Ergo Proxy got a new laptop so he can blog from the Army and we are SO not giving up. Well, unless you have already been bored of us, that is...

Anyhow, this is not the central subject of this post but I felt a little intro was in order. Yes, there IS a point in checking back this Friday for the delayed-unto-death reviews but tonight we are, once again, going to talk about the great people of the Ordre de Ciel DJ collective, who are holding J-Music DJ nights EVERY Sunday night in KABATZA Bar, from 21:00 till everyone drops dead. First, I would like to thank room302 and Raven Sweetwater again for making time for this, what with their regular jobs and having to deal with their little ones (have you tried raising kids? I have only had a minuscule taste from helping my parents when my sister was born, years ago and until she reached adolescence - that is, NOW - whereby we have a constant war going on, but i digress). You guys are heroes!

Secondly, to my great pleasure, I saw that last Sunday there came considerably more people, some of whom you might recognize from the BIOS Cosplay Party and others whom you might have seen during other Underworld-related events. To boot, it was not a night dedicated to any specific Japanese group or artist, so I shiver with excitement (and hope) for next Sunday, which ODC will dedicate to none other than X-Japan! Dare not to be there! I will hunt you down!

Thirdly, as you may have realized, I am a photo junkie. I simply MUST have, ever, new and interesting subjects and opportunities for photos and of course, I am partial to people. Well, my repeated visits to KABATZA on Sundays have provided me with both opportunities and subjects, as you will see in the following pictures. Now, some people have wondered why I never show up in any of the pictures and they have asked me both over the net and in person, when we have met. While I thank them for any flattering comments they have made, the answer is simple: I come out terrible in pictures! It is evident that God or the Powers That Be intended for me to be BEHIND the lens and not in front of it.

Ergo Proxy's Rant: As for me, I am just, plain and simple, "fugly" (read: "fucking ugly"). Well, maybe not that bad, since Speedgrapher is the one usually taking the pictures and he has a way of making nearly anything appear good in them.

Well, that's it from us, enjoy the pictures and we are eager to see you on the 17th in KABATZA!

Raven Sweetwater and room302.

My, do I spot Lady Oscar and company
out of costume?!

Grand Marnier alight. Finger drink, yum!
I told you we had fun!

And now that night's focus...

Evil Lolita...!

...and Elina!

Now, there was actually another beautiful lady who suffered me to take her pictures but they are being withheld by request. Hope you will change your mind though. Thank you all for an amazing night out and special thanks to room302 for playing "The World" by Nightmare (though I really hate Death Note because of Light yagami, but I love the song), as well as the opening from the Black Jack movie (can't remember the name of the song though - a little help please)!

Cheers all,


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Anonymous said...

Thanks gia tis photos! An iksera pos tha vgazame kai fotos de tha eixa erthei me hangover kai sxedon avafti! xixixi!