Monday, 18 February 2008

Fair Warning WITH Music Video

Ah, I see I struck SOMEONE's nerve with my last post, mentioning pathetic individuals who mess with people's internet spaces. Right, then: admittedly, my PC has been acting up during the last month or so but that was entirely due to some Trojan Viruses, which got taken care of. Indeed, I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to computer programming but I scarcely think I would delete all the pictures from the previous post, not only without becoming aware of it but also leaving the picture-borders behind. Ergo: either Blogger in some way malfunctioned (unless they suddenly decided that snowy pictures are offensive in some way and took action) OR, some idiot with a surplus of time bothered to hack the blog and mess around with the pictures.

Now pay close attention, for this is important: if the deletion of the pictures was something that happened, in any plausible way, accidentally, well, crap does happen and nothing to it. If, however, some cock-brained idiot thought it was a way to have a fun afternoon, there are two scenarios. Either you are someone we have never met in actual life or on the net or whatever, in which case, well, we (probably) cannot track you down, so stay in your hole and wank off (which seems your predilection) OR you are someone we DO know and you decided to strike at us in this manner. No bitching or yelling or anything else: Ergo Proxy is too busy with the Army right now, so I will take it upon myself to find you and "educate" you. I am not an unduly aggressive individual but seriously, do not fuck with me - I tend to fuck in retaliation.

An apology to our readers, who will inevitably read this warning and is, of course, NOT directed at them. Hope you enjoy the video,



Anonymous said...

Cool video.
(ti anohtoi yparxun:/)

Speedgrapher said...

Yup, true that. Re paidi mou, opos kai na to deis, xasimo xronou einai. Den einai les kai kerdizoun kati...

Anonymous said...

nai aplws gustarun, ya got pwn3d ktl..