Friday, 22 February 2008

Literary Section VIII - Part 1 - Artwork

Hey there people! Yes, the Literary Section is back with a vengeance, since today's update is a double feature. Do any of you remember when, waaaaay back, I had mentioned there would be a special piece of artwork by my friend, Lockie? Well, she IS a busy girl and it did take some time but it is finally here for your enjoyment; and to me, the wait was worth every minute. There is also a bit of story to it. I wanted a drawing that would resemble a photograph of Prometheus and Sorakirin, taken while they were in Japan. After giving it to me, I would mess around with it in Photoshop to make it resemble an old, rather abused photo. Now, some time ago, Lockie showed me the finished pencil-work, with part of the inking done. I was staring at it for over half an hour (then she took it away, so we could begin our RPG session).

There are certain mental processes going on when you write a story, particularly of a well-loved character. When I first created Prometheus, his psychology and his features, he was already a bitter Vampire who had spent 10 years under the harsh and sterile tutelage of the Tectus, who had already transformed into a frail version of himself and had lost his eye to the friend he loved like a brother. I never really had a clear image of how he looked when he first met Sorakirin, after first leaving the island of Skellig Michael. I just gave Lockie the impression I had of what he would reasonably look like. The only definite things were that, as a young man he used to smile a lot and broadly and - as described in the story you have (hopefully) read - he was powerfully built for his height. Now, Lockie took these things and what she knew of the character from the story and presented me with the drawing of someone who, not just fit the description, but whom I recognized as the young Prometheus.

It is a very odd feeling to look in the face of something you imagined, had no real picture of its particular form but you still recognize beyond the shadow of a doubt. Lockie often complains about the flaws in her drawings (not that anyone else can see them, mind you); I seriously doubt there is anyone who could have me staring at their black-and-white sketch, genuinely moved as if having seen an old friend. With that, I give you the finished picture, after my rather inadequate tinkering.

...and all that remains of our early innocence is this old, yellowed piece of paper. The last testament of a time that now seems mere fantasy. That... and the promise of my death. -Prometheus

Artwork by Lockie.
(Inadequate) Tinkering by Speedgrapher.

Not only did Lockie draw this, she even framed it for me to hang on my wall and I have, right next to my Durer's "Riders of the Apocalypse". Domo Arigatou Lockie -chama! Stay tuned for the second part of today's update.

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