Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Wrapped in Plastic Performance @ Skull Bar - Part 1

Yes, yes, I know what you dirty-minded kiddies think: plastic = latex, wrapped = bondage etc. Well, you are wrong. Wrapped in Plastic is a group of creative people, who draw their inspiration from theater and classic cabaret and marry it to the sound of underground music. They are performers, they are mimes, they are a dark and flashy circus of music and color. This time, their performance in Skull Bar (Ippokratous & Lambrou Katsoni, off Alexandras, for our local readers) told the story of a Victorian gentleman, his beloved marionette and the young woman who so resembles her ... or is it the other way around? The night was an event encased within an event. Under the premise of the "Mask Factory", people were supposed to show up either in elegant / Victorian style clothing or with some sort of mask and or simple disguise, just like in balls of the 18th and 19th century (my friends and I opted for a black and white theme, whereby I was all dressed in black and wearing a black mask, my one friend a white shirt and white mask and the third one an equal deal of both colors - not TOO imaginative but all the same).

As it turned out, quite a few people showed up and I was presented with ample opportunity for indulging my addiction to photography. Now, I could go on about how cool the show was, how well coordinated was the music, the dancing and how expressive the performers (those being, Evil Lolita, Black Rose and Pretty Hate Machine). However, I prefer to let them (or at least, their pictures) speak for themselves, as I proudly present you with the show called "The Living Dead Dolls Showcase"! This set includes some of the preparations and photos from the actual show, while the rest of the (way too numerous) pictures will be posted over this week. Stay with us now, for there is much to see of the Plastic Circus!

Evil Lolita.

Black Rose.

Pretty Hate Machine.

Before the Show...

The performers were even helping the revelers!

Don't give me that look! I meant
it in a good way!

Get ready...

(The) Set (ting)...

(Let's) Go!

As a haunting melody starts to play, light
shines dimly upon the scene...

A Marionette...

...and he who loves her.

Look at them dance... A man and his
doll, in a world all their own...

But lo, over there! Who is she...?

...that calls him away from his doll...

...and soon takes her place?

But one, a lover's scorned heart
must fear...

...even if she be a doll...

...for she may wreak vengeance upon the one she holds dear.

Let us then, all be silent marionettes, our
strings cut...

...for a doll can always dance to the tune of its heart.

At that point, the performers threw off their masks and ran into the crowd watching, giving masks to anyone who didn't have or wasn't wearing one, making their audience part of the show and ultimately, symbolically, marionettes ready to dance. All the things written under the pictures are my own interpretation of what I saw and by no means the only way to look at this performance. Art is subjective: it means something different to every person. However, if you were there, I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did and if not, well, I hope my photos could give you a taste.

Of course, my photographic addiction did not end there but it seems I overdid it a bit today, so check back during the week for more, including posed photos of the performers, the rest of the Wrapped in Plastic members, Ergo Proxy and myself, as well as people I singled out for my own, peculiar reasons.

Cheerio and see you soon


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