Saturday, 26 July 2008

X Tribute Revisited (In Retrospect) - Part 2 - OOKINA!

HELL-OOOO PEOPLE! Try as I might to keep up with all of my stuff, this translation I am currently doing has been riding me like a Death Knight straight out of Hell AND I spent most of today loading and unloading around a 100 kg of various animal foodstuff for my unrepentant, animal-loving mother, as well as hunting all over the floor walls AND ceiling for 4 unruly kittens, who have to be transported from their current location to another locale, due to the vacation arrangements of August (i.e. I remain right here where it will be quiet and I send the rest of the family off to an island - yay!). But I digress (a lot).

Tonight is the JMCM and it's a total mayhem of preparations and arrangements for all of the Ordre de Ciel team, my guest self included, as well as for unstoppable Kyoshiro. Well, we will have all the time in the world to talk about it with those of you who will be there and discuss it over the report with the rest (AND in August I will be free - free, FREE, ahem - from much of the stuff that is otherwise chewing off my time and THAT report will be on schedule). Meanwhile, I believe it is high time we finish off the much-too-dragged-out X Tribute Revisited report, to make room for the upcoming coolness.

So relax, grab a Midori Sour and enjoy the show...

Yoshiki and Hide still posing...


...until they are interrupted by
Phaedra's brave hit on the undead

"No, I cannot be seen to smile...!"

Eyes bulging... in hand...


"Erm, I mean... yeah, we are X...!"

Meanwhile, the time has come for us to
shower Sokail with his gifts!

"Yay, LOOT!"

"Uh, I meant, oh, I am so happy
and excited...!"

Two volumes on Architecture and one
"Complete Conan". Not bad ya little Skanian!


XX!! (All together now).

XXX!!! (With room302 - oops!)

(...and Bunnydragon!)

Hanaji Buuuu!
(True otaku will know what I mean).

Pay attention now: Yoshiki is NOT,
in fact, grabbing Hide's butt (though it
DOES certainly seem that way...!)

"Waaah! Yoshiki's Kaftan!"

"Hey now! That's mine!"

"I know *snifff* aaah...!"

I am rolling in Yoshiki's clothes -
I think I am dying!"

"I am rubbing on Hide's back!
It is even better!"

"I think I am going to rub myself on
some barbed wire...!"

"Oh my gosh! You smell of Yoshiki!"

"Aaah, that scent - so intoxicating!"

"Aww, do not be jealous Hide dear!"

"There: a nice pink cap for you!"

Do you smell something burning? So do I! OK,
I know the whole thing with lighting the way
down the path of your life is important but this is
plain exaggeration!

Happy birthday Artact, Sokail & Countess

Director's Commentary: the fire was put out
with your average household fire retardant.

I love how Evil Lolita's clothes are
a reverse analog of Summer dates...

Darkside_Blues showing some tough love!

Yoshiki taking a cat nap...


Hide: times 3.

"I rule. Yeah."

L302 and Kame-chan.

Artact and Margie Mouse.

Keru-chan, at the height of inspiration...

Bunnydragon, at the height of -- oh, never
mind! Backside -- err...Darkside_Blues
certainly doesn't. Well, not much anyway...!

Masculine and effeminate: KrizD with X!

Yours truly, Unca' Speedgrapher.

Hide rabu biiiru!

"Now don't you dare..."

Too late...

"Speedgrapher, I will schglfrggggrrrr ylrokr!!!"

"Larva, dude, what are you talking about?"

"Ahem, nothing. Protesting in a civilized manner."



Time for Hide to return whence he came...

Thank God Yoshiki found someone else to

"Bear hug!"

"Moonfish puff!"

And, in closing off, I present...

Two Unlikely Personalities of Artact

...and, saving best for last...

Raven's Sugizo Power Mode!

As I said in the first part, people ought to bend and stretch like this only in Carpenter movies. Way to go Raven-chan!!! With that, THIS huge photo-report is done and over with. See you all tonight (I'd better, y' hear???) at the JMCM and back at Otaku Lense with the second post on Unshin.

Cheers, mes amis


P.S. If so inclined, you MIGHT want to check THESE videos on our YouTube Channel. They are very - kukukuku - entertaining...


sofaki said...

hm.. exeis arxisei k anevazeis oloena k perissotero cute pics soy k anisixo! esy den isoyn etsi! what's happening to you?!
*eisai gia agkalitses stin pic! soooo kawaiii :D

Speedgrapher said...

Koita, yparxei kosmos pou me apeilei an den tis anevaso...! Ah, the price of being loved. My God, what am I saying?? You just called me "kawaii"! *dies of embarrassment*

Thank you doll.

Skuld Skauksson said...

Tusen tack gia ta teleia dwra, paidia!!! Tusen tack kai gia ton xrono sas se touto to blog "taxogafe"-kun!!! A! Kai na mhn 3exname thn Bunnydragon kai to kataplhxtiko Naushikaa artbook ths!!! Arigatou, Ryuusagi-chan!!!

Speedgrapher said...

Den itan nomizo to idio vrady omos, e? An itan, my bad! Gomen, Bunnydragon!

Skuld Skauksson said...

Htan dyo bradies serie!!! Thn prwth to artwork tou Naushikaa kai thn epomenh to artwork tou Laputa!!! Kai nai ayto einai official show off, alla eimai toso perifanos gia ta dyo ayta artbooks!!! :P :)

Anonymous said...

Hide plushie looks like Gaara:P
(nah gyrisa, sigh, xanw ta pio cool:P)
Unca Erogurapheru egrapses pali:)

Speedgrapher said...

Arigatou my dear! ^0^