Friday, 18 July 2008

X Tribute Revisited (In Retrospect) - Part 1

It has been sooo long (well, two weeks actually) and finally, I have the first set of photos from the Revisited X Tribute. It took me insanely long but I had warned you in advance that the conference would throw me off-schedule. I won't tarry long but say just this: it is kind of funny how many people were there and how insanely much fun we had, given that during the first X Tribute (back on the 24th of February), we were approximately, um... 10 people (DJs, Bar Staff and myself included)?! It is very peculiar how, even then, the event had been posted all over the net and yet... Well, it just goes to show how things are evolving and at the end of the day, that is a good thing - no, scratch that, a GREAT thing. This event was marked by the joint birthdays of Sokail (aka Skuld Skauksson), Countess Bathory and Artact. Enjoy the show!

Arriving at KABATZA, the first person on deck
was not one of the Ordre de Ciel but... Sugizo!
Oops, sorry Sugizo-san, I forgot something back
at the station...

OK, got it! Quick, quick Glastenen-chan!

Hey Ra-- err... I mean Sugizo-san, we
are back!

Aww, so cute...!

Lockie-chama - looking up to God
(there's anime on the screens - what
did YOU think?)...

...with Mistress Glastenen.

Usagi-chan! Long time no see, doll!

room302 is in place and Sugizo looks ponderously
at himself on the screens.

"Damn, I look good! Yoshiki, eat your
heart out!"

Bunnydragon with her new, extra-
special T-shirt!

Not long after, Yoshiki comes over too
(this photo has one big scary resemblance
from this vantage point...).

Artact-chan (I could eat you like
a popsicle)!

Of course, the stars of the night must
arrive last: Yu-kun as Hide...

...and instantly-hugged-by-Sokail
Kyoshiro, with her very "Miyavi" hair!
Of course, the beer takes center stage.

Our kitty-chan almost looks more like
Yoshiki than Yoshiki himself!

Kuroi Manjuu and Usagi: return of the killer

Hide and Yoshiki, reunited: sooo tender...

Yoshiki: "Duuude", that cap is like, sooo last year.

Hide: "Shut up sister, it's from almost 10 years ago,
what did you expect?"

Hide: "Now can it and pose with me."

Yoshiki: "Oooh, I love it when you talk dirty...!"

Hide: "Maan, some things never change..."

Keru-chan going at it...

Yoshiki: "Is my make-up OK?"

Phaedra: "Yeah but there's something in your

Oookina biiru, chichai Louiza-chan no tame ni!

Finally, the time has come for one of
the birthday people to receive their
hard-earned (not, hehe) presents. Happy
birthday dear Countess!

Keru-chan, mistress of air
guitar/microphone etc.

Nick, master of headbanging.

Kyoshiro, mistress of baleful glares
towards innocent photographers.


...and then all of Hell's fun got loose...

Raven as "Sugide" or perhaps...

"Ar-tact go home..."

Playboy bunnies, drunken bunnies
and now...

Glowing Dragonbunnies!
(I even deviated from my statement for
the sake of this pun - you should be proud).

Kame-chan and Usagi-chan. Kawaiii!

Jedi never looked this good...

*Speedgrapher dies of nosebleed*

Velvet Vortes, in waaay cool
attire, having "j-rocker" written
all over her! (You should do your
hair like that more often).

Tomodachi-san (always with those
damn margueritas...). Pretty sexy
if you ask me...

Here then concludes the first part, with the next one coming soon, where we deal with Sokail's and Artact's birthdays, as well as Raven's amazing transformation, modification and transmogrification (people should stretch that way only in Carpenter movies but still, it's way cool.

Till next time and I hope to see you all tonight!


P.S. Do not forget to check the first part of the night with Unshin in Otaku Lens, if you haven't already. On a side note, when you click on a thumbnail in Otaku Lens, you do not see the full-size picture, so click on the one that appears a second time!


Velvet said...

more picts! YEEEEYY!!!
see you tonight speedo-san (at last) ^^

Skuld Skauksson said...

Man, prolabaineis na klaseis mesa sth mera sou??? :P Eyxaristoume gia ton xeimaro apo photos kai txts, supidi-kun!!! A, kai sto deytero meros mn 3exaseis na anafereis oti htan three-way-party... :P Mn 3exname thn kontesa Bathory, parakalw... :P

Speedgrapher said...

Den to ksexasa, afou me ekeini ksekinisa you berrf@##ed barbarian ;p

To pos prolavaino, ato kalytera. t involves implemnents I would rather not discuss... nyooo

Skuld Skauksson said...

Oh... but you did discuss about those implements after all... :P

kyo said...

You are sooooooo dead!!!!!Stop posting me.I will write you in the book!!!!

Speedgrapher said...

Book...? What book? I know nothing about any book. Ryuk? Are you still there?