Wednesday, 16 July 2008

A Promise Kept, A Promise Made

Hello dear readers! Yes, our schedule has not been remedied yet and I am in part to blame, since work has kept me from being punctual (and yes, coming back from the conference I was off to last week, I was too tired to try and blog). However, in the meantime, the (more or less) blue mudball we are all sitting on keeps spinning and I try to keep up in some respects, trusting it to come full circle and kick me in the butt, in others. For one, the new, strictly J-culture blog I had promised you is ready and already boasts its first post on the night with Unshin. You can either click on the new link on the right sidebar, Otaku Lens, or just click on it over here. There are around 80 photos over there, with as many and more coming soon. Thank you for your patience and thanks to Unshin for being there!

Now, before you go gallivanting in the new blog, I remind you that X Revisited will be posted here, also very soon and that the full division of subjects between the two blogs will take place after the 26th of July, the season's last party. Why are you looking at me like that? Well, yes, Ordre de Ciel need to get some rest too you know and August is waaaay too hot to try and keep it up. However, this is a Season's End unlike any you have ever experienced...!

12 hours of music, from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m., catering to any and all modern Japanese music tastes, from Goth, Electro, Rock Metal and what-have you. Request lists have already opened for us to ask for our favorite songs.

Lamia Cross, the Japanese/French group will be invited over, doing a guest DJ set along with room302 AND presenting their new album, "Yamazakura"!

Marathon Cosplay Action, which means you (we?) are invited to surpass yourselves (ourselves? hmmm) in cosplaying, in order to win, amazing prizes, from Action Figures, PS2 Games and much, much more. Of course, the staple lottery will also take place, with more manga-oriented prizes.

An Anime Marathon will be up on the bar's screens, for anyone interested and... for the last time this season, I will climb onto the decks again, trying to measure up to the overwhelming coolness of the night, with true and honest geekness as my only weapon. There may even be some surprises for you...

You are most eagerly expected at the season's last, ultimate J-bash, in hopes that it will be the wackiest thing Ordre de Ciel has ever pulled off.

See you there,


P.S. I may say that but in thuth, we will talk again much sooner, not only this coming Friday but when I post the X Tribute Revisited ,over here.


Anonymous said...

Kai klasika panw pou tha erxomastan me ton aderfo mu ws Naruto parousies..e oxi.. mantepse poios fevgei gia Lefkada ti Deftera..:P:/

Kala na perasete re Ero, kai na valeis fotos na xarume k emeis :(

Speedgrapher said...

Oxi re sy Asaphoula...! Krima re gmt. Paizei toulaxiston na erthis tin erxomeni Paraskevi, na se doume prin fygeis?