Friday, 29 August 2008

JMCM: Season's End Bankai Bash - Part 3: Dress-Up

Well, it has been a while, has it not? But you know how August is and some of you know exactly what - ehm - transpired with me that, shall we say, knocked me out for the better part of a week. I guess I should write something about it at some point, since my friend Ergo Proxy took some rather hilarious pictures, while I proceeded to make a complete fool of myself but, that has to be left for another time.

This is the penultimate KABATZA post I will be making in Easy Subjugation and there are already events afoot that need separate mention, other than my completing the photo-report of JMCM. Truth to tell, there is not much left to report about that night, save for the caption comments under the pictures. Anyone who was there knows the bottom-line: we had a great, fantastic time, be it related to the music, our discussions with Lamia and Fab (salut, les amis!), the booze (ugh, sorry, getting a little nauseated there), the wild dancing, the cosplays and the great company at our "Besuto Pureisu" (7th minute of the video) as Bokuto no Ryuu (from Shaman King) would have put it. In fact, Ryuu's view on where the "Besuto Pureisu" is, in the end, is very appropriate at this time: the Grand Opening on the 6th of September will mark the very last KABATZA night, as events will thence be hosted at the new UNDERWORLD, where Club TEXAS used to be (Hippocrates Road 56 for our local readers).

I know that some (if not most of you) will have a million questions (if not protests) about that change. Suffice to say that, in the end, it was not in the hands of Ordre de Ciel, from a certain point onwards. However, as the "Best Place" is somewhere we carry along inside us, having fun with friends, little does it matter where the new events will be hosted, provided that all of you be present, yet again.

That said, let us turn once more to the photos. Feel free to drool.

Goth Lollies...

...Final Fantasy girls and Chobits...

...Soul Eating Weapons...


...along with vintage weirdoes, make for
our colorful tapestry...

...and yours truly climbs on the decks again.
You may wonder why, in contrast to other
times, I have not posted the playlists of that day.
Well, for one, the first was so wacky you hardly
call it that and the second was not played as it
was meant too, because we had to make some
time for the lengthy award process, as well
as playing two very special songs that Lamia
Cross had recorded just for this event.

Have no fear though! It is not as if I will not
be using many of the songs included there
again: in fact, the list for the day after tomorrow,
as well as the Grtand Opening, are already ready!

Waaay cool Karasu-chan.

Dual celebrity hit: Sugizo & Lamia!

This would be KABATZA at approximately 22:30,
with many people standing outside for lack of
space and frankly, too much heat (remember, that
was the whole point o my having 3 sets of clothes)!

Hope is insolently taking my picture. Shame on you
once for that and twice (well, not really but I must
maintain decorum) for wearing, well, whatever it is
that is so transparent...!

Lolidragon, Bunnyloli, or...
(OK, shutting up!)

Cool Song of Limbo

Evidently, I cannot remember what
song got Fab so excited or...

...produced this beautiful, packed dance floor!

Sokail: "Whaddya mean ya don' remember?
Getting old are we?"

Nepheli: "Ah, so sad and beautiful is memory,
when lost and sought in the labyrinth of time..."

Speedgrapher: "???!"

Sokai: "Don't say it!"

Speedgrapher: "Mm? Oh, perish the thought,
I was just looking at..."


Speed H. Poirot: The detective that takes pictures
faster than people can say "N--"!

Silent Hill Nurse vs Yojimbo. An
exceptional display of martial arts
(not, but a million laughs anyway).

The Technique of Swift and Gloried
Unmanning (i.e. emasculation).

Shut up, I love this tattoo. Not that
there is anything wrong with the
back upon which it resides...

Miss Cute & Lady Goth
(2008 version)

Now, Louiza-chan in kakkoii attire and
Milk-chan in decorer style bring me
back memories of the honored Mangaijin
mascot ladies: Kowai and Kawaii.

Louiza is a chameleon but I must confess:
I never thought I'd see Milk dressed like that
AND acting it out. Verrrry cute.

Nepheli-chan, whoa!

Now, don't you go staring me down
little miss: you have had your share
of revealing dresses, yes you have!

Yeah, yeah, go do the cute act, why
don't you!

OK, I concede...

By 23:30 our Carnival has completely
taken over the street outside...

...but the strong suggestion provided by bucketfulls
of water thrown at us, convinces us to seek the relative
dryness of the inside!

The Chobit cleans its circuitry...

(What?! I said "circuitry"!)

...the samurai contemplates the
barbaric habits of the indigents...

...Milk shares the love...

...and Louiza-chan swears revenge!!!

However, when X hit the woofers,. all is
forgotten and forgiven...

Our ever-present support-ladies: Artact,
the Amazing Lottery Girl and Yu-kun, the
Persistent Death Note Carrier!

And with all that, the clock has struck 00:00 and it
is time to dish out awards and presents!

Everyone checks their little lots and...

Ergo Proxy-with-cat-ears wins a Shoujo Beat
volume?! Dude, you are making me seriously

"It's OK! Next time he can cosplay from Loveless!"
(It is only your overwhelming cuteness that
saves you from my blood-eager hands...).

First Prize goes to everyone's favorite nurse...

...and Fab joins the FPL for some specially
recorded music, just for us. Merci bien les amis!

Mm... Mmmhh...! Sowy, I gannot
dalk drough all dis nozebleed...

"I told you I would win this time around Speedy-kun!!!"

"Indeed, and right so you cute persocon."

(Black Jack animation cel, waaaaah!).

(Ergo Proxy made a gift of the
Shoujo Beat to her, in order to
throw off suspicion. Hm...).

Well, at least one of my votes went to Karasu-chan
(I could not vote her more than once, sadly) and the
Sugizo cosplay rocked even without the coat, pun
intended! Way to go Kamami (by fusing Karasu
Amai Mizu)!

... ... ...

Lovely, lovely Lamia and that is
all I am allowed to say.

You thought my blood sugar went sky-high only
last week, because of the alcohol? Wrong!

Mai-chan going crazy...

...and Sakura showing us one aspect
that one would call beautiful, if a bit...

Ah, there we go!

"Eeetoo neee, Supiido-kun, onegai
ga arun da..."


"Kono boshi ga daisukiiiii! Ne, ne
metantei-rashii desu ka?"

"Etoo... Sonoo..."

Well, if all detectives looked like that, I am sure that mystery literature would have taken a different turn, around the 18th century. However, let us not forget that fun is first and foremost and this is undeniably funny, so applaud Mai-chan, our Dancer/Detective and get ready for the last part very very soon, because, if not, the new events will catch up to me!!

From under the floorboards and over from the attic,


P.S. In case you were interested, this Saturday I go retro-anime on my playlist! All hail the Captain!


Skuld Skauksson said...

Axa0x0a0x0xa!!! Polles photos!!! Elpizw na baleis kapoia stigmh kai tis alles apo TH nyxta!!! :P

Btw, oi 4-5 prwtes photos, mazi me to sxoliasmo, sto section "Song of Limbo" ginontai ANETA stripaki, gia to Chronicles!!! :P 'Nta3'! Psofhsa sta gelia!!! Frafo rei!!! :P

Speedgrapher said...

Arigatououou! DO not give ideas...!

Anonymous said...

Poli kalo to arthro filaraki!!
Gia na min po k gia tis photo!
Ime siguri oti tis efxaristithike h psixula su mexri eki pu den ftani :)
Idika afti tis CHI (Chobits) otan paralamvani to doro pu kerdise, k meta, ine h kaliteri pliromi gia mena psixika!!!
You all make me soooooooooooooo happppyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
Kissu kissu.KAT!

Speedgrapher said...

Arigatououou drakokounelaki. Meta tin apandisi afti postaro to teleftaio set. Hanaji buuuu!