Saturday, 16 August 2008

JMCM: Season's End Bankai Bash - Part 2: Fan & Fun

Where was I then? Oh, yes, the proverbial parlour has filled with revelers, the room is fraught with monsters and artificial angels, the music is shooting our consciousness from realms to man unknown and into space. The clock has but timidly crossed the inky line marking the 9th o'clock. All have gathered and by the time the bellringer strikes 22:00, more than a 140 people have found their corner for dance, discussion or frolicking (and in all and all combinations), both in and out of KABATZA. The game's afoot...!

Ergo Proxy messing around with the
detective's smoking pipe (there's nothing
in it you daft bloke - the cherry's in my
breast pocket!).

Ah, and look who's decided to turn up:
Kame-chan as Liz from Soul Eater and
Usagi-chan in her kimono, looking super-
anime-cute as always!

Meanwhile, outside...

Summer T-shirt and Kurosaki
Ichigo's stolen Hollow mask (Bleach).

Now, this picture, which I did NOT
take, makes me wonder: who exactly
did you position - ahem - "down there"
with MY camera in order to take it?!
(If I hear you complain about the
"HOLA!" thing ever again...).

"Too hot in there Masami-kami-sama?"

"Even net-Gods need to get some air, a'right?"
(Serial Experiments Lain).

In fact, the whole situation, with cosplayers, goth-lollies,
lollies-minus-goth and visual kei, is so Carnival-like,
that Lamia decides to immortalize it for posterity
(and loads of laughs).

And back inside...

Cob (Gedo Senki) has shown up and right on cue,
Yu-kun goes to take the villain's cosplay vote!

"What do you mean, 'who is the best'? I AM the

"Shall I write that down then?"

However, even a Ghibli villain enjoys a beer and
Lamia's company...

...and after a quick fix of Usagi... well as a Kame-Usagi double-shot, onwards
to see what other manner of creature is around!

Keru-chan and Plato (and the Silent Hill group
in the background).

"You do not suppose he is pointing that
camera at us for any particular reason...?"

"You mean other than exposing us on the
internet? Nah!"

KrizD brutalizing the decks.

Somnium (not in Tenebris) with Sofia-chan's
hair in his face (as she tries to evade my lens).
Looking like Asterix man...!

Cleo, an old friend and RPG companion,
rght from her vacation in Chalkida! (She
does kinda have a look from Marmalade
Boy or perhaps, Honey and Clover though...).

Though the sun has set for good, Orochimaru
and Sasuke defend their right to minimal clothing...

...pretty intensely...!

"Ohhh, not again! Leave me alone
you H-grapher!"

"Now, now Megi, that is hurtful you
know... Stay still!"

Nefeli-chan with a Naruto pastiche...

...and goth lollies! Huzzah!

By far the coolest non-costume:
Summer attire and a real Inuyasha
tattoo! (It's not henna - I asked).

"I got more tats... They start at my fingers
and go all the way to--"

"That... is quite enough information, thank you!"

As Larva takes over the decks, the fans take over
having fun (Bunnydragon, Lamia, KrizD, Fab).

room302 with Lamia and Fab. Visual... metal?
(I still refrain from my joke but I cannot hold it
in much longer, FPL...!).

Hercule Poirot & Sugizo? Now that
would make one hell of a book...!

Victorian ru-mu.

Evidence ru-mu.

Countess Bathory, taken unawares.

Larva on deck, apparently enjoying
himself immensely.

At a loss for caption. KrizD, this is
seriously the most messed-up
expression of yours I've captured...
Well done!

Yes, it seems that no matter the character or
the cosplay, Kyoshiro will always be close to
Sugizo... (I WILL get kjilled for this dear readers
so enjoy it while you can...).


At some point, the signing begins.

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for...

Chi form Chobits & Kairi from Kingdom Hearts
(by didi-doll and Ayami-chan respectively)

Well worth the wait (since they took quite a while to get in costume and nearly missed the voting deadline of midnight...!), I should think. Way to go, ladies!

The expert's look at the design (scary,
much, methinks...).

And the party rages on...

Warui Hebi (as Dark from DNAngel)
and Iaido-equipped Darkside_Blues.
Funny as Hell...!

And, leaving the ladies with this last picture, of Dark, we have come to the end of the second part, just before the stroke of midnight, when winners will be revealed (as there cannot really be losers in a setting such as this). Stay tuned for more of the unbelievable JMCM.

Yours in earnest,



Anonymous said...

Filaraki pali eskises!!!
Oi photo katapliktikes k ta sxolia su ateliota!!
Baguette!! Xeris esi tora!
Filakia polla!!
Ande na anixi pali h Kavantza giati exume pathi sindromo sterisis!!

Speedgrapher said...

Ela more, tha ta poume avio gia cinema, neeee!

Anonymous said...

Autos pou evgale autes tis photo thelei polu bouturo

Lamia & Fab said...

Nice pictures, nice smiles ^____^
You miss us hard !!!!!!!

Speedgrapher said...

Oui, c'est vrais...!

Anonymous said...

In regards to that tattoo, I have Kagura on the opposite shoulder. Was gonna get Sesshomaru, but Kagura's more me.