Friday, 5 September 2008

JMCM: Season's End Bankai Bash - Part 4: Chaos!

Here we are then, the last JMCM post, the last Japanese event-related and Ordre de Ciel related post on Easy Subjugation (from here on look for them in Otaku Lens), the post that wraps up Ordre de Ciel's great, last season, even as the new one begins the day after tomorrow. We have come a long way and I want to thank all of you for your continued support, readership and crazy love. As big things are under way for Ordre de Ciel, so they are for the Speedgrapher / Ergo Proxy team but unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss any of it just yet. Just wait and see and you won't be disappointed...

However, I will not indulge myself in tearful, spectral goodbyes, since I will (hopefully, for your own sake) see all of you again on Saturday, during the Ordre de Ciel Grand Opening. Hence, this is where I shut my trap and let you enjoy one of the craziest Ordre de Ciel sets yet!

"What? Your hat...?"

"But... errmmm..."

"This. is. MY. HAT!!!"

Despite all appearances to the contrary...

Louiza: beer-guzzling mode!

Aaaand here's for outfit #3, a custom-made
T-shirt with Tatsumi Saiga, the original
Speedgrapher in front and crossed letters,
writing "Easy Subjugation" and "Otaku Lens"
in the back!

Sophia running to Musashi in order to escape
my lens. So naive...

Musashi: J-pop Crazy

Yu-Kun: Here, here kitty...

Simply gorgeous...

"Ahh! No, stop him!"

"And just what have you kids been doing here? Hmmm...!"

"Uh... Um... I dun' really know but I kind of

"We were just getting ready for your picture! That is all!"

Screenshots of my first movie series
in process...


vol. 1

vol. 2

vol. 3

vol. 4

They say the sleep of Reason breeds monsters,
but the sleep of the Elven Queen breeds...


... ... ...

And of course, only Sokail could ask Lamia
Cross for a signed CD when we are about to
take our cabs home!

300 edited photos (give or take a few) later, the JMCM finally comes to a close. Roughly 1200 edited photos have kept you smiling, laughing, maybe even crying a bit, over the past year. Though my index finger twitches reflexively from using the mouse for so many hours and my eyesight may have gotten a bit worse, it has been an immense pleasure. A lens without a subject is just a pretty piece of glass and a photographer without someone to take a picture of, is merely looking at his own, inverted reflection.

Minna, hontou ni, arigatou,


P.S. Well, after that emotional bit (I try to contain myself but in vain), let me remind you about the Saturday party, when I too will be on the decks, with my set: Eien Monogatari Part II - Kaeri to Omoide (Eternal Tale Part II - Return and Remembrance).

P.S. 2 (not the console) Here's two videos from that night, heheh... The first is not of really good quality but it was the best I could do under near total darkness. The second is the funniest thing I have seen filmed impromptu. Enjoy!


Didi said...

ti video ths ntrophs ine afto-.-rezili ginameeee!!
kapoia stigmi akugetai kai h gaidurofwnara m pu "tragudaw" hahahaha

didi said...

ama deixume t 2o video se psyxiatro 8a erthei mia mera kai tha mas kopsei g olous ena eishtirio g t dromokaitio !!! haahahahaha

Speedgrapher said...

Ma giati? Elate stin kliniki mas: exoume karaoke kai kostoumia! Den exei simasia pos tragoudai kaneis, arkei na tragoudai me honest kefi; and I think you do ;p

Anonymous said...

Pali kala pu ego den imuna eki tin ora pu ta travages afta palioteras!!
Pandos oli h parea xehilizi apo kefi, rithmo, xara k ....bira!!!!
Ande k ston neo xoro na kanume xirotera :)
Bravo filaraki poli oreo arthro!

Speedgrapher said...

Hehehe, watch your mess, for always near is my lens. Hell, the lens even recorded MY mess beacuse I made SURE that someone who was in better condition than me, would have the camera in hand! The lens sees all...!

Skuld Skauksson said...

- "A, kaaala!"

Pes mou oti eisai atrixos ayto pes mou mono teloshshshshsh!!!!!