Sunday, 25 May 2008

Ordre de Ciel + Japan & Anime Party - Ultimate Japanese Music Cosplay Party - Part 1

Yes, well... THAT bears an uncanny resemblance to some Bal Sagoth album (e.g. "The Splendour of a Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath the Blazon of the Hyperborean Empire") or another - but I digress. I am finally able to start posting about that great party, which saw a number of special occasions (since, great music has already become the flagship of the Ordre de Ciel events). First, Ordre de Ciel had Somnium in Tenebris and Mona Risa over from Salonika to DJ (and VJ, which is always a great visual treat) alongside them, in their own, unique fashion (you will excuse the pun, I hope). Secondly, it was Larva's birthday this time around, which, of course, had to be celebrated in an appropriate fashion (you will see in Part 2). Finally, on a more embarrassing note, it was the first time I truly attempted to cosplay (no, seriously, that one time I was supposedly dressed as Tatsumi Saiga from Speedgrapher - at the first BIOS party - I could just as well have been going on usual outing, since Saiga wears black pants, a black trench-coat, a white shirt and a black tie, with the camera hanging perpetually from his neck - as does mine). This had a couple of... unexpected results but it's all good fun so just read on and see.

Before moving on to what you really anticipate (the photographs), I would like to "sort of-kinda-maybe make a statement". It has come to my attention that certain people (no, NOT those of you with whom we joke about it) have started drawing conclusions concerning my character, derived from the "how" and the "why" I take all these LOADS of pictures and take the time and trouble to edit them, correct them and what-have you, before posting those I consider the best ones - and their assessment has a direct cause-and-effect relation to the fact that the majority of pictures have beautiful (cute, sweet, sexy - pick your word) girls in them. So as to put your fears of "perversion" to rest, I will only say the following: firstly, though I believe it kind of obvious , I simply love taking pictures, almost to the point of addiction and it just so happens that digital technology has saved me the effort and money of going through dozens of rolls of film, as I used to. I believe it is an obsession with memory: I never forget, but how can I show what I see in my mind's eye, from over 15 years ago, to someone who was not there, or has completely forgotten?

Secondly, as I am sure most of you must have realized, at some point in our lives, there is more to a person than meets the eye, more than your first and/or outward impression. When I learn things about people, their characters, their hopes, their dreams, their fears, their virtues and - yes, indeed - their vices, I invariably perceive their outward appearance differently than before. In my eyes, the traits of their character reflect on their faces; that makes them either more beautiful, or uglier - regardless, when every once in a while you manage to capture, inside a picture, that thing which is seemingly impossible to describe in words, THAT is photography and to me, it is priceless. That old expression which, many lovesick (or indeed, in many cases, reptile-tongued) people have managed to turn rather corny: "the eyes are the mirror of the soul", holds quite true for me, if paraphrased - "the inside is indelibly etched on the outside, if you know to look for it". Evidently, not all of the hundreds of photos here fall into this category, but quite a number of them do.

On a final note, to end my incessant rant, at most of the events blogged here, 70% of the people present (and 90% of the people cosplaying) are female and I believe you cannot blame a straight lad for being distracted by lasses, more often than not. Now that (I hope) we cleared that mess up, on with the pictures!


Left to right: Glastenen, Somnium in Tenebris,
Mona Risa.

Antonio Boracci, an old friend from
the days of heavy RPGing.

Evil Lolita as #13 from Battle Royal.

Skuld Skauksson and Glastenen.
(Sorry for getting the name perpetually
wrong, mate).

Lockie (you know, the artist?) and
swords mix in very dangerous ways...

Seeing as room302 was going to play the
Hide Memorial Concert on the screens,

Hide himself decided to drop by

from the Great Beyond...

Velvet Vortex.

Louiza-chan as Nobu from
Lovely Complex (yes, you HAD
told me and I forgot - stupid me,

Lockie and our friend, Christina
(I mean, seriously, how many
and Christinas can you fit
into ONE bar?).

Though we weren't introduced with
the guys, I was told their cosplays
were from the movie



The elder Konoha sister, not
in cosplay but still cool as ever.

Katan-chan (yes, yes she is

...with Glastenen.

Hope & Darkside_Blues. Dude, are
actually doing an otaku gesture?

Misa Amane and Melo (who kept
getting that damn chocolate in front
of her own face), from Death Note.

Christina, as always, on the task of
"watering" our good mood
(where did
you suddenly vanish at?).

Hide became somewhat attached to KrizD...

Now, this here marks the beginning of that night's trademark peculiarity: Konoha-oneesama is holding a steel replica of a Templar sword, which was part of my cosplay. I swear, that sword must have gone around the bar at least three full times and usually, from girl to girl (WTF?)... Um, anooo, Jeannie-chan, could I have my sword back?

"I love it!"

"Um, yes but still, could I have it back?

Pretty please with sugar on top? Before

you hurt someone?"

"Nay, it must be MINE!"

"Oh, OK, catch you later, when you
are feeling
less homicidal Conan ninja..."

Keru-chan during a particularly frilly,
bubbly, cream-topped, j-pop song.

(Is that in fact some sort of cosplay?

The dress and posture remind me
Yuuko Ichihara from xxxHolic,
when she
wakes up with a hangover).

room302 takes over.

Jessie from Pokemon's Team Rocket
is snuggling her beer (what is the
character's name in Japanese?).

Rinoa Heartlily (FFVIII) and didi-doll.

Artact and Raven (back), Milk and Louiza,
dancing to the sound of Luna Sea.

...and here, Milk as Risa, again from Lovely
Complex, with Louiza/Nobu-chan.

"Um, Jeannie-chan, my ...

"Oi! Geddouta here before I bite
your head off. She will
give it
back when she feels like it!"

"There is really no point in taking your
picture without the sword,
you know..."

"Aww, come on, let the boy have his toy back...!"

"Sod off sista!"

"Ooooh, widdle boy can't do without
his widdle sword, can he? Boo-hoo!"

The younger Konoha sister can be really

mean sometimes... That never stops her
from being punky-cute though.

"Oh! Enough! You don't have to be so harsh
with him! GIVE HIM

"All righ', all righ'! No need
to go
all Mary-Therese on me!
Here boyo!"

Ah, at last! Arigatou gozaimaaasu! Now, here, I am supposed to be Hiiragi Renji, the "Falling Man" from Night Wizard. Although a very simple outfit (black pants, red T-shirt under a white shirt and a blue shirt/coat over both, with a black tie and untidy shirt-collar. Some sort of biker gloves - spiked, leather, cut-gloves was the best I could do - and the sword complete the outfit and no, I could not very well have the sword he has on the show!), it was sheer murder with all the heat inside the bar. It felt ridiculously hot with ONE T-shirt - imagine two more shirts over it. Two fun notes: the only reason I managed to have that tie around my neck, was because Artact knew how to tie it. Secondly, the red T-shirt is the one with the Fullmetal Alchemist designs (heh, geek).

Here is the anime character for
comparison - waiting for
your comments!

The first unexpected result of this outfit, was the massive fixation of people with the sword (more intensely illustrated in the coming Part 2). The second, that, along with Hide and Team Rocket, it ranked in the three winning cosplays of the night (in fact, Melo ranked higher than Team Rocket but she had left earlier). Outside the world of hardcore anime fans, Night Wizard, though relatively new, is pretty obscure, so I am betting it all had to do with a guy wearing a black tie, spiked biker gloves and waving a 10-pound steel sword around. Nevertheless, beet-red, I was happy and grateful to receive my prize (a signed copy of BLOOD's "Chain").

Now, there is still the matter of Larva's birthday and of course, the rest of the night, which proved to be... heavy metal, literally. So stay tuned for "Ordre de Ciel + Japan & Anime Party - Ultimate Japanese Music Cosplay Party - Part 2: Chronicles of the Sword"!

Signing off,



Skuld Skauksson said...

Glad to have you back, Supido-kun!!! I'll need some more time with this sword... ALONE!!! (harharhar!!!) It seems that the good old days, when I was wandering in the Murky Woods, waving my claymore are long forgotten now... Snif! I couldn't even complete a correct wrist play with this babe... (Drit!!! :P)

By the way, I wonder... When are you going to write my name the right way for once...? (or are your glitches only a conspiracy against my righteous place in Myrkskogens Mäktigstenen? Försöker du störta mig av min tronen? Baka!!! :P)

Ax0xa0xa0x0ax0axa!!! As mhn to dei ayto o agaphtos Akhs, giati mallon to gamhsa entelws...! :P

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Anonymous said...

*Ahem* I hope you are not mentioning anything about the first winning cosplay, because you are preparing a big presentation for it in the next part *cough*

*Rinoa-chan here :P*

Rinoa-chan :P said...

Again Rinoa-chan here complaining xD Pou einai oi pics pou egw k h did xoreuoumai san partsakla =O?! K mn mas akous otan leme "aaa mn me trabas synexeia" stn ousia trabate-me-k-as-klaiw complaints einai xP

Speedgrapher said...

My dear, dear Rinoa, I will not say a word about the winning cosplay itself, only about the sword (I am already red enough). As for your crazy pics with didi-doll, most are in the next set, so be alittle patient - yes I DO know your complaints are not always what they seem.


Anonymous said...

Aktsully they are not cosplaying Hitokiri they are the dudes from the Hitokiri film (along with Rubulias the Barbarian)

Plisiazei to epomeno party, I'll come for sure:)

Anonymous said...

Dude, seriously chill... You should hear what's being said about me... :P

Jealousy is pretty common nowadays it seems... As soon as they find someone happy with what he/she does, they storm to try and make him/her miserable... pointless peasants (as someone would say...:) )


Speedgrapher said...

E, Elli, vasika, afto den exo grapsei? I ennois kati allo...? Berdeftika.

Anonymous said...

Vasika etsi opws to grapses fainetai san na ennoeis oti ntythikan kati apo to Hitokiri aplws (enw ousiastika einai k oi syntelestes). Just messing things up while explaining them:P
Megeia k to vraveio, ksexasa na pw:)

Anonymous said...

(a ksexasa epishs na pw oti epitelous se linkara sto blogi mu:) )

Skuld Skauksson said...

Ax0ax0axa!!! Skuggig Skald ska "for-let" dig, min kompis...

Speedgrapher said...

Ooooh, thank you my dear (both for the prize mention and the link). Oi, you Skauk there! ENGLISH SO I CAN UNDERSTAND YOU!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwww arigatou gia to linki!
(kai den eimai gaiduri, ntatsi?!:P)

Velvet said...

At last youre back Supidogurapheru-san!! Loved the picts but most of all loved your descriptions underneath lol! But Renji does not have a belt (does he?).....oh never mind you were the best!

Speedgrapher said...

@Elli: ;P Kissu

@Velvet Vortex: domo arigatou for the kind words *blush*. No, indeed Renji does not have a belt but seeing as I cannot open a portal to the Night Wizard Dimension and store the sword... hehehe

Glad you have fun with my rants ;)

Skuld Skauksson said...

W, ela twra, ayto den htan poly dyskolo... (elpizw basika na mhn htan poly la8os... :P)