Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Cat's Predilection [#2]

Since the last post was a bit grim and possibly disheartening for many, I am posting the second gastronomical entry, after a very long time (5 months in fact). This concerns a series of beverages which I have seen called 6th Sense or Sappe. It's a large variety of transparent liquids, artificially flavored with all sorts of ersatz fruit, like apple, green apple, grapes, coconut and cranberry (or black currant). The main feature of this drink is its containing little cubes of aloe vera plant, which you consume as you imbibe it (note: no, the cubes do not show inside the bottle as on the site's page).

I first came across this drink with Ergo Proxy (remember, once co-author of this blog?) and our mutual friend Cavu, while gathering a few supplies for an excursion to Katsimidi (an area near Mt. Parnitha) on My 23rd 2009. That first time, it was apple and grapes, with the apple tasting great and the grapes being a little too sweet for my tastes.

It would seem that the original two tastes were put out by Sappanan General Food and the 6th Sense ones (all the others) by A-1 Produce. Although the bottles are almost identical, the labels differ and as both companies are Thai in origin, I suspect product infringement. As further testimony to this, although the 6th Sense ones have the company's name in miniscule letters on the label, the site actually makes no mention of them. Best to stay away from those: they taste horribly anyway. However, if you do come across the original apple one, pictured here, give it a try.

As a final note, no, I do not know what the Hell they were thinking when they decided on the bottle shape...


Anonymous said...

Tasty fruit drilldo :P (gia to mpoukali)

Dipla sto Bail tin kafeteria exei tetoia kai exw dokimasei apo propersy k mporw na pw oti mu aresei poly, eidika to mhlaraki. Ki emena to stafyli mu fanhke glyko alla eixe wraia geysi.
Plus k peculiar gia tin geysh twn ellhnwn ta hmidiafana chunks tis alohs, emena den me xalasan kathoooolou

Speedgrapher said...

Ahahahaha! Drilldo!

Mai said...

kai mena moy areseee! idika na masoulao ta kivakia!!^^

KrizD said...

Egw den tha to epina se tetoio design moiazei me japanese masturbation machine!!!!................................prin rwthsese nai kserw exw dei sto internet