Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Daughters Strike Again

Hey there people: long time no see again, in either blog and sadly this is not about to change soon, since I have finally swamped myself beyond all (forthcoming) hope. However, I am popping in to inform you about a couple of things, before retreating back to my cave.

First-off, though it might be not anything sensational, my short story - titled "The Gift of Mordor" - for the Greek Tolkien Society contest, came in second (and that was almost 3 weeks ago but I thought I' d show off anyway).

Secondly and more importantly, remember The Daughters of Fable storytelling group? Well, they are back with another show, at the same location (Makari Music Scene - 125, Zoodohou Pigis St., Exarheia, Athens - easier access from Alexandras Ave.), this Sunday the 31st of January. Furthermore, they will suffer me to join in the storytelling, which makes me a little nervous but I hope I will be able to provide some small measure of entertainment.

Yours truly,



Skauld Skauksson said...

Heeeeeeeej!!! Bravo re man!!! :D Giati den eipes tpt pio nwris bre??? :/ Tespa... Bges apo ta swamps!!! Pame gia mpyres epitelous!!! It's been ages...! :/

Βασιλεία Βαξεβάνη said...

You were great, my dear friend. A true storyteller!

Speedgrapher said...

@Skauld: Exeis dikio apo toses polles apopseis... Pandos den eipa tipote noritera dioti ithela na vevaiotho oti tha exo oloklirosi (se kapoio vathmo) to story KAI oti I wouldn't get cold feet.

@Vassileia: I humbly thank you. You did and do me much honor (seriously - it means a lot coming from you).

Skauld Skauksson said...

Den 8elw na exw dikio! 8elw na pxioume mpyres kai na ginoume skata!!! :P Kai ti ennoaeis dld? 8a eixes cold feet an eimane apo katw??? :P (Yes this one was intentional! :P) Ti na se pw man... Mhn nomizeis... Ki egw sta swamps mou eimai... :P As elpisoume oti 8a e3aplw8oun toso wste na synanth8oun ayta toulaxiston... :P

Enallaktika mporoume na bre8oume apo bdomada... 8a sou exw kati special...! :P